The Sketchnote Workbook

The Sketchnote Workbook

The Sketchnote Workbook is a fully-illustrated book and video, showing how you can use sketchnotes in your everyday life to capture ideas, plan projects, document processes, and capture memorable experiences.

The Sketchnote Workbook, the follow-up to the bestselling Sketchnote Handbook , shows you how to take the basic sketchnoting skills you learned in the Handbookand use them in new and fun ways.

You think you have fun taking sketchnotes in meetings? Try using them to record your travels. Or start a food journal. Or break out those visual notetaking skills in your next brainstorming session–whether you're at work or school, or just trying to figure out how to organize the paper that’s due next week.

Don't worry.You don't need to know how to draw to use the book or the video. There's a quick recap of how to use five simple shapes and basic lettering techniques to create visual notes that you'll want to share with your friends.

For those of you who have already mastered the basics in The Sketchnote Handbook, Mike includes advanced drawing and lettering techniques and offers pages within the book and downloadable worksheets that you can use to practice your new skills.


The Sketchnote Workbookcomes with a 2+ hour companion videothat brings the ideas you read about in the book to life. I take you on the road with me to various locations to show you first-hand how to use sketchnotes to generate ideas, document processes, map out projects, learn new languages, create visual to-do lists, and capture the everyday experiences that mean the most to you–whether it’s a trip, a meal, or an episode of your favorite TV show.

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See what The Sketchnote Workbooklooks like before you buy — download a FREE PDF sample of the book, including the introduction, table of contents, all of chapter 7 (Sketchnoting Food Experiences) and the complete index.

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"The practical lessons in The Sketchnote Workbookmake it easy and fun for anyone to leverage visual note taking to help them remember more, communicate better, and develop ideas more completely."
—Todd Henry, author of Die Empty

"If you want to succeed in capturing and communicating your ideas, you need to read this book. Because it's not merely a book: It's a blueprint for a new way of thinking, and it's fantastically useful."
—Daniel Coyle, The New York Times best-selling author of The Talent Code and The Little Book of Talent

“The Sketchnote Workbook is a wonderful 'next step' follow-up to The Sketchnote Handbook. This time, Mike focuses on the finer details of the practice of sketchnoting and the myriad situations in which it can be employed. If you care at all about enhancing the quality, versatility, and fun of your notetaking, you need this in your personal library.”
—Patrick Rhone, author of Enoughand Keeping It Straight

"Sketchnoting is a powerful way to remember, design, and understand the World around us. Mike Rohde's Sketchnote Workbook builds on the foundation of the Sketchnote Handbook with a rich collection of ideas, insights, and inspirational examples. Mike gives all of us the permission and tools to sketchnote the world."
—Erik Fabian, Moleskine America, Director of Brand & PR

About The Videos

The videos, included with the Workbook, offer a different perspectiveson ideas in the book. In the book, I show you sketchnoting techniques for translating ideas into simple drawings and type; in the 32 videos, you're in the room with me to see how the drawings emerge from my pen and unfold on the page. Sketchnoting is fun to watch, but even more fun to do.

Here's a preview of video 17, sketchnoting travel experiences:

Book Press Kit

I've created a library of imagesyou can use if you're writing a review or article about The Sketchnote Workbook to make that process easier. If you have book questions, or would like a review copy of the Sketchnote Workbook, please email medirectly.

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