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Entries from June 1, 2010 - June 30, 2010


Tour de France 2010 Resources

Since 2003, I've maintained an updated collection of Tour de France information, here is that list for 2010.

I'm currently checking through the links below, so if you find a bad link or have one to suggest, please send me an email with "TDF" in the subject line.



Streaming Audio & Video

Versus Live Tracker (US & Canada) Live video, maps, stats. $29.99

Versus Live TDF Tracker iPhone App (US & Canada) Live video and more. $14.99
Yahoo! Eurosport Audio (UK) Audio coverage from Eurosport.



ITV Sport

Official TdF Channel (YouTube)

SBS Tour de France (Australia)

Tour Websites

Tour de France Official Website

Tour 2010 General Classification

Tour 2010 Stages

Tour 2010 Route

Versus: Tour de France

Wired: Follow The Tour De France Online

Versus: Tour TV Schedule (US)

OLN: Tour TV (Canada)

ITV: Tour Coverage (UK)

Eurosport Tour Coverage (UK)

BBC Tour Coverage (UK)

The Guardian Tour Coverage (UK)

The Daily Peleton


VeloNews Mobile

TdF CoverItLive Mobile

NY Times


Cycling News

Steephill Live Dashboard

Tour Bloggers


Martin Dugard Tour Blogs

Christian Vande Velde (NYTimes)

Bruce Hildenbrand

Chris Carmichael

Ronan Pensec

Wannabe Bike Girl

TDF For the Rest of Us


Podium Cafe


Planet Armstrong Blog


TdF Blog: Twitter Master List

Tour de France


TDFblog on Twitter

DailyTour on Twitter


Versus Cycling



Lance Armstrong

Levi Leipheimer

Cadel Evans

Dave Zabriskie

Christian Vande Velde

George Hincapie

Johan Bruyneel


The Real Peleton Podcast |
iTunes | RSS

Bicycling Magazine Podcast |
iTunes | RSS

ITV TDF Podcast | iTunes

FredCast Daily Tour Podcast | iTunes | RSS

Two Johns Podcast | iTunes | RSS

BikeRadar TdF Video Podcast


Tour Fever by J.P. Partland

Tour de France Quiz Book by John DT White (For trivia lovers!)

Web & Mobile Apps

Versus Live TDF Tracker iPhone App (US & Canada) Live video and more. $14.99
LeTour 2010 (Palm) Free

Ubilabs RdF Live Tracker

NOS TdF Twitter Feed Aggregator

NOS TdF Gadgets

BlueFlavor Leaflets: Le Tour de France


NOS - Tour de France (Mac OS X)

Team Garmin Tour Guide (Adobe Air)


Graham Watson's Tour Photos

Sean Jawn's Tour Photos

Team Garmin Flickr Photostream

Flickr Photos Tagged "tourdefrance"


Topographic maps of Tour de France stages


If you have resources to share: websites, blogs. etc., please let me know, so I can keep this list updated. Send me an email with "TDF" in the subject line.



iPad Observations

I've had a 3G iPad for a bit over a month now and though it would be good to capture some observations of the device, software and how I've found it useful.

• I find the iPad most useful and pleasant as a reading device using Instapaper for saved articles, NewsRack and Reeder for RSS and Kindle Reader for books. I still read RSS feeds with my iPhone but there's something pleasing about the larger screen that makes reading a joy on the iPad.

• Battery life is a killer feature. It's unusual to see the battery go low, though vie learned that the 10 watt charger is key — iPhone chargers simply don't have the oomph to charge the iPad, even though they will at least maintain the current charge level.

• Browsing is also very well suited to the iPad. This Friday I had to do some sketching for a logo project and decided to take only my iPad, sketchbook and pencils to the cafe. It was perfect device to reference my Basecamp projects, search for reference images in Google and playing music in iTunes and Pandora.

• I've enjoyed the Netflix and ABC Player apps — watching movies on an iPad is nicely intimate and not cumbersome as it always feels with my MacBook.

• Drawing works well on the iPad with a variety of useful drawing apps. I especially enjoy Adobe Ideas, Sketchbook Pro and Penultimate. The biggest issues are stylus options. I have the Pogo Sketch stylus and it works, but feels like drawing with a mushy pea on a stick. I've heard good things about the Dagi stylus but haven't bought one yet. I hope more, better styli appear over time that feel like actual pens and pencils.

• it's heavy and that's a plus and minus. On the downside it can be awkward to hold up in bed for extended periods, but that weight also gives me the sense that an iPad is a substantive device. It certainly feels well made.

• Using the USB adapter from the photo connection kit works well with my wired USB Apple keyboard, though the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard is one item I think will make the iPad a more useful as a writing device for me.

Those are just a few thoughts — I'll post more here as I think of them.