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Entries from December 1, 2010 - December 31, 2010


Postbox Icon in Cult of Mac's 15 Favorites for 2010


What an honor! This week the icon I designed for Postbox 2 joins Things, Transmit, Reeder and Yojimbo in Cult of Mac's 15 Favorite Mac OS X Icons of 2010!

Here's a photo of all 15 favorite icons with Postbox highlighted:


From the Cult of Mac article written by Killian Bell:

Postbox - I love the Postbox icon for its clean, graceful design that represents the elegant user interface within the application. If you’re unhappy with the built-in Mail application on your Mac, Postbox is a great alternative. Featuring unified account groups that allow you to combine all of your email accounts in to one inbox; a quick reply feature that lets you respond to emails without the need to open a separate window; intuitive conversation views; and much, much more. It’s simple, clean UI is a pleasure to use and it’s well worth its $29.95 price tag.

It was great to see Jon Trainer's icon for Knapsack, designed by my friend Fernando Lins in the mix as well. Congratulations John and Fernando!

Handy Links 9

THIS WEEK'S LINKS feature royalty-free icons, an article about the problem of design sales teams, ambient music for your workflow and Moleskine cases for iPhone and iPad.



A beautiful series of icons from Jory Raphael at Sensible World, featuring clean and simple, royalty-free vector files. Free to $30 for various sets.

Sales: The Fail Team

Sales: The Fail Team

Great article by Andy Rutledge about sales team issues at design firms and his word of mouth prescription for a better reputation, clients, and work.

Music for Pilots

Music for Pilots

I'm always hunting for music to power my workflow. Check out Music for Pilots, a Milwaukee ambient/techno group featuring my pal Andy Wright.

Moleskine iPhone/iPad Cases

Moleskine iPhone & iPad Cases

Blend analog and digital tools with these Moleskine cases for the iPhone and iPad, featuring integrated notebooks. iPhone $50, iPad $90.


Handy Links 8

THIS WEEK'S LINKS feature quirky wooden robots, a book of designer sketchbooks, a useful resource on iPhone Retina Display design and a tiny yet powerful wireless speaker.


Scrap Wood Robots

This Bit Rebels article tells how “Mao” Marjolaine Poulin creates quirky robots from scrap wood. I love the personality of these guys. $15-$20 each.


Graphic: a Book of Sketchbooks

Steven Heller & Lita Talarico's Graphic is a collection of sketchbooks from great graphic designers. Read Review Copy's post for photos of the book. $38.


Designing for iPhone 4 Retina Display: Techniques & Workflow

Here's an excellent Smashing Magazine write-up from Marc Edwards on creating graphics for the iPhone 4 Retina Display with very helpful imagery.



Jambox is a slick and small, portable wireless speaker and speakerphone from Jawbone. Check out the promo video by Adam Lisagor. $200.