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Teaching Sketchnotes To Teachers

Sketchnoting Education

Last month I was in California and Texas, teaching teachers how to sketchnote, then helping them build curriculum to teach sketchnoting to their students.

Here's what I learned:

Teachers are excited about sketchnoting

They get especially excited when they see how it helps improve student understanding and participation in the subjects they're learning.

In Fresno, California, teachers were already using sketchnoting in science classrooms and labs are seeing a positive impact, because their students are drawn into subjects through visualization.

In our all-day sketchnote workshop, teachers learned sketchnoting for themselves, then crafted new curriculum ideas to integrate sketchnoting into their classrooms.

Here's a sample curriculum idea for science fair boards:

Curriculum whiteboard

In Austin, Texas, an engineering teacher told me he'd been a skeptic during my kickoff keynote, as I shared sketchnote samples and taught basic sketchnoting skills. Still, he decided to give sketchnoting a shot during his 2 days of professional development, and found himself sketchnoting everything he was learning. He became a fan, and was excited to share it with his students.

Sketchnoting is giving teachers new ways to teach

Throughout both of my teaching sessions in Fresno and Austin, teachers were getting insight about integrating sketchnoting into their classrooms.

Some teachers had allowed sketchnoting for students, but hadn't explored it deeply themselves. That's precisely why I was invited to teach sketchnote workshops—to share principles and exercises. Teachers saw first hand what their students were so excited about, and it was awesome!

Avocado sketchnote

Sessions yielded fantastic ideas:

Science teachers planned to have students sketchnote scientific articles to better understand facts by visualizing them. They loved the idea of making a comprehensive visual icon library for their science students to use in their science notebooks and reports.

An english teacher planned to have small groups of students visually map the works of Shakespeare on large sheets of paper. He was excited to try a fresh approach, helping his students see literary masterpieces in a different way.

Two librarians planned to have students sketchnote the books they're reading, to get a deeper understanding through visuals. It was awesome to see teachers excited about sketchnoting in the classroom!

I'm excited to keep teaching sketchnoting

Teaching is hard work, but is rewarding when I see the results so immediately. I want to keep teaching more teachers how to sketchnote, and how to share these idea with their students.

If you or your school are interested in a workshop, reach out.

_ _ _

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The Dispatch: Sketchnote Summer

Prague Map Sketchnote

SKETCHNOTE WORKSHOPS are happening all summer and I couldn't be more excited. The Sketchnote Workshop in Chicago happened a few weeks ago, and was fantastic. 8 students enjoyed a day of experimentation and feedback, great coffee, food and a private Q&A and Basecamp office tour with Jason Fried. What a great day it was!

This summer is still full of events: on Saturday, August 1st, I'm speaking at Design4Drupal in Boston, on Tuesday, August 18th I'm leading a private sketchnote workshop at an NYC agency, then I'm in Kansas City on Friday, August 28th, speaking at Coffee & Design, with an one-day workshop, Saturday the 29th. More details on that coming soon.

There are a few more events in my schedule this year, which I will be sure to share here first. Thanks so much for all of your support.

I teach private sketchnote workshops at places like University of Michigan, Sibley Hospital and Takeda Pharmaceuticals. I'd love to teach sketchnoting to your team too. Email me and let's talk.

Interesting Links

Starting a Sketchbook or Visual Journal - If you've been curious about starting a visual journal, The Well Appointed Desk has a great primer for getting started with ideas and links to other inspiring journal ideas.

♥ Moleskine Alternatives - My friend Brad Dowdy at Pen Addict shares his favorite alternatives to Moleskine notebooks. I love my Moleskines, Baron Fig Confidants, and Leuchturm 1917 notebooks.

♥ Ink - Writen By Hand - A documentary film on the beauty of the handwritten word with pen and ink by Ryan Couldrey (via The Cramped).

♥ What I Learned From 100 Doodles In 100 Days - In seeking to be more creative, Steve Portigal decided to try doodling for 100 days. This essay explains what happened because of Steve's new practice.

♥ Coffee Sketchnote Prints, Pillows and Phone Cases - My coffee sketchnote art (Espresso, Cappuccino and Latte) have been re-released as prints, phone cases and pillows by Art Box One. They make great gifts!

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The Sketchnote Workshop is happening in Chicago on Friday, June 26th!

CM Promo Chicago

I'm pleased to announce The Sketchnote Workshop is coming to Chicago on Friday, June 26th! My all-day sketchnote workshop is designed to develop your sketchnoting skills and to strengthen your visual thinking abilities.

We’re meeting in the beautiful 37signals offices in Chicago, in a space designed for workshops.

The workshop is limited to 16 participants.

A small class size, offering personalized instruction and feedback, are key to providing the best learning environment. The topics and exercises I cover are designed for beginning sketchnoters to gain confidence sketchnoting.

Emily Carlton Travel

Can't draw? No problem.

I'll teach you the basics of drawing and guide you through sketchnote creation. If you have a positive attitude and are willing to experiment and share your work with a small group, you're perfect for this workshop.

Sketchnote kit 250

Everything is provided.

You'll receive a notebook, pens, and pencils. Breakfast, lunch, coffee, tea, and water are also included on-site, so you won't miss a thing. You'll even receive a cool custom t-shirt.

Invest in yourself.

Visual thinking skills are valuable for capturing, generating, analyzing and communicating ideas. Spend a day building your skills and your confidence with The Sketchnote Workshop. Space is limited, so register today!

Workshop register

Visiting Amsterdam in November

THE CLOSEST I've been to Amsterdam was Schiphol Airport in the late 90s on the way to and from Frankfurt, Germany. I imagined spending a few extra days in Amsterdam, but it wasn't to be.

It took 15 years, but I'm headed to Amsterdam in November!

DSGNDAY Conference: November 11 (All day)

I'm speaking at a new, one-day conference called DSGNDAY on November 11th, 2014 at Compagnietheater in the heart of Amsterdam.

Photo: Deen van Meer

I'll be presenting my Sketchnote Mini-Workshop in the afternoon, teaching the basic elements of sketchnoting that students can follow along with as I present, then we'll do a sketchnoting challenge together. It's going to be awesome!

Be sure to check out the full program of fantastic speakers, featuring Mark Boulton, Leisa Reichelt, Val Head, Stephen Hay, Bonny Colville-Hyde, Peter Boersma, and Laura Kalbag. I can't wait to meet them all.

Tickets for the one-day event are 275 euros and are still available, so act quickly! Check the attendee list to see if there's someone you already know signed up.

Amsterdam UX Meetup: November 10 (7pm)

I've also been invited to present on sketchnotes at the Amsterdam UX meetup on November 10th, 7pm at HQ in Amsterdam.

Screen Shot 2014 11 01 at 10 03 04 AM

I'll be presenting Lessons Learned from Sketchnotes a talk in which I share what I've learned through the process of developing sketchnotes and building the sketchnoting community. It's going to be great!

Sketchnote Coffee Meetup: November 10 (Noon)

I'm talking with my friend Jay Henriquez about an informal public sketchnote coffee meetup around lunchtime on November 10th at a coffee shop somewhere in Amsterdam. If you are interested in attending this event, or have a good spot in mind, let Jay or me know.

Screen Shot 2014 11 01 at 10 04 20 AM

I'll bring my orange markers to sign books, so bring your book, and come and say hello if you attend on of these events!

Tot ziens!