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The Sketchnote Workbook Update 8 - Sketching Wrapped! New Sketchnote Icon T-Shirt Available

HALFWAY DONE! This weekend I was able to complete the sketching phase of The Sketchnote Workbook. It was a long, tough process but rewarding when I put the last pencil stroke on the last page of my sketches.

Type sketchHand sketch
Faces sketch

While sketches are not a completed book, they are the map that helps me figure out how to fit everything I want into the pages and what to illustrate to make that happen.

I’m planning to create a separate printed book and PDF ebook from the pencil sketches I did for The Sketchnote Workbook and one for the Handbook, too. If you’re interested in either or both of these books, [please let me know](

### Inking Up Next
Now that the book has been completely sketched out, I’ll ink up all of the elements I need to build the pages, using the sketches as my map.

I’ll be capturing the inking process with a short video, much like I did in [update 7](, to share in a future update, so look for that and wish me luck as I ink!

### Sketchnote Icon T-Shirts at Cotton Bureau
I’ve taken the design from the sweatshirt I’m wearing in the Sketchnote Workbook video and have created a two-color aqua and white version on dark gray tri-blend shirts at Cotton Bureau:

MikeRohde Sketchnotes

The shirts will be available to order for just 10 more days, so act quickly to order yours. Pricing is $24 + $5 shipping anywhere in the US or $10 shipping to Canada and Europe. Order now!

### Mailing List
If you’re reading this on the site, you may not know I have a mailing list that sends these Workbook updates and my other posts right to your inbox. You can sign up for that newsletter right here.

### Pre-Order!
It really helps me out if you pre-order The Sketchnote Workbook at Amazon. It ensures your copy is delivered as soon as it's ready, and it gives Peachpit a decent idea of how popular the book will be. Win-win!

Sketchnote Workbook

Thanks again for following along.


The Sketchnote Workbook Update 7 - Sketching The Workbook Video

Here's a brief video on my book design process using sketches and a written manuscript. This should give you a good idea how my process works when sketching out the entire book at a 10,000 foot level.

I'm about to complete the sketching phase this week and jump right into inking after that, which presents new challenges and opportunities.


### Tumblr'ed
Follow my daily process of designing, illustrating and shooting video for this book at my Tumblr. I'm really digging the tool for documentation.

### Limited Edition Boxed Set
Several readers are interested in a boxed set once both books are published. The books would be signed and the enclosing box would have hand-drawn illustrations in limited quantities (maybe 25). If this sounds interesting, [drop me a note]( and I'll add you to my pre-interest list.

### Pre-Order!
Yes, you can [pre-order The Sketchnote Workbook at Amazon]( That's the best way to ensure your copy is delivered as soon as it's ready.

Sketchnote Workbook

Thanks for reading and watching!


The Sketchnote Workbook Update 6 - Delayed But Not Defeated


THINGS HAVEN’T GONE AS PLANNED THE PAST FEW WEEKS. That almost feels like an understatement as I key the words.

My wife had a back issue that required surgery about two weeks ago. She’s doing well after a successful operation, but recovery is slow and our three kids all need attention. Life will be different for a while.

Of course, this unplanned event happening while writing, illustrating and designing a book is, let’s say, less than ideal. But family is first, no question.

Friends and family have been a huge support in this tough time. My editors, Nikki and Jan, have been very understanding, fighting for a 14-day extension to get me back on track.

This week I’m finally back to working on the book.

### Sketches
I’ve been planning out chapters by turning the manuscript for each chapter into small pencil sketches called thumbnails. This one change has accelerated my work. I’m working at a 10,000 foot view of the book, while still providing the detail I need to convey the pages to my editor and to ink the illustrations.

Originally, I’d drawn two-page spreads on a single sheet of letter-sized paper:

2 page spread

For the smaller thumbnail sketches, 4 two-page spreads will fit on a single page. You can see the difference in this thumbnail sketch sample:

8 page spread

This iteration goes to show that even a proven process like the one I had for The Sketchnote Handbook can continue to improve.

### Video
We are now half finished shooting on-location videos! We've shot videos 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7, with videos 1, 4, 8 and 9 left to go. We still have to shoot sketchnote samples, record voiceovers, and Brian has to edit everything into a cohesive unit.

800 bookshelf cam

Our videos are turning out fabulous. They're all shot on-location, showing off several unique Milwaukee locations. I can't wait for you to see them!

We're excited about the long video sequences of me creating sketchnotes from start to finish. We'll be adding voiceovers that describe what I’m thinking as I work, and we'll add graphics to share tips as the video plays.

Rig food

Food sketchnote

### Tumblr
If you’re curious about the process of designing, illustrating and shooting video for this book, check out [my Tumblr site]( I’ve rediscovered Tumblr as a great space for updates that are larger than tweets but smaller than full-on articles.

800-CEO-READ Sketchnote Map

### Pre-Order!
Yes, you can [pre-order The Sketchnote Workbook]( at Amazon. That's the best way to ensure your copy is delivered as soon as it's ready.

Sketchnote Workbook

### Limited Edition Boxed Set: Interested?
I'm starting to kick around the idea of a special, limited-edition boxed set of both books. The books would be signed and the enclosing box would have hand-drawn illustrations in limited quantities (maybe 25). If this sounds interesting, [drop me a note]( and I'll add you to my pre-interest list.

### Get the Boulder Rolling…
Now that my wife is better and we have help from friends and family, it’s time to get the Sketchnote Workbook moving again.

This is how life is. We have to adapt to the situations we cannot predict. My son Landon was born during the making of The Sketchnote Handbook, so I know this feeling—and I know I can make the Workbook happen.

Thanks for all of your kind words and support!


The Sketchnote Workbook Update 5 - Video Shoots & Sketches Ahead

THIS PAST MONTH WAS A BLUR. I’ve flown to Texas for workshops in San Antonio and at SXSW in Austin, have completed the Workbook’s manuscript, and have shot two of nine videos.

I feel behind, but that’s good. It keeps me cranking.

Sketches are next, along with scripting and shooting seven more videos in March and early April. Brian Artka will take the raw footage, shaping it into a cohesive story for our May video deadline.

Video Shoots

The last two weeks I’ve been on location at Milwaukee’s Stone Creek Factory, shooting scripts written by Gabe Wollernburg with Brian, my video storytelling Jedi master. Footage and b-roll for chapter 5: Sketchnoting Documentation and chapter 6: Sketchnoting Travel Experiences are done. Seven shoots are left.

Brian cam
ScriptsBrian shooting

We’re having a great time capturing these videos. You’re going love the on-location, documentary style we’re using to tell the story of this video series.

Final tour
High shotPourover sketchnotes
Lotta booksThats a wrap

This will be a 2-hour video, heavy on actual sketching and helpful tips, with just enough of me on camera to set the stage. I can’t wait to see the final videos.

Follow the video shoots in pictures on Instagram or my Flickr photostream,

Sketches Ahead

For this stage, I’ll use the approved manuscript to lay out the entire book, page by page, as pencil sketches.

This worked great for the Handbook. In fact, it’s pretty amazing how similar my pencil sketches look, compared to the final, printed book. The sketching stage is critical for the inking and production, which follow it.

Chapter 4 Sketch

Final Chapter 4 Spread

I’ll use printed templates from the Handbook to sketch out the pages. Looseleaf sheets let me move book pages around as needed and when I run out of templates, I can print more.

A book map is also created to help me see the book at a high level and lets me determine where I may need to add or subtract pages within each chapter.


Sketching is hard, but a ton of fun. With the established design I’ll inherit from the Handbook, I’m hoping I can keep pace with my very tight schedule.


Yes, you can pre-order The Sketchnote Workbook at Amazon. That's the best way to ensure your copy is delivered as soon as it's ready.

Go, Go, Go!

I have to keep the Sketchnote Workbook train rolling, so it’s time to get back to work. Thanks for following the process. I'll update you again soon!


The Sketchnote Workbook Update 4 - I Need Your Sketchnotes!

5021242616 961615d3f5

I'm taking a break from writing to ask of you all a favor: 

I need your sketchnotes!

Don't worry about your drawing skills, 11424788096 4d24e20501 n because I want to encourage all levels of sketchnoters with the book.

Chapters I'm writing now will require sketchnote samples, to show readers what the end results can look like.

I have samples of my own, but want a wider variety, just like the variety of work used in The Sketchnote Handbook.

Sketchnotes I Need

Here are the sketchnotes I need for the Workbook:

  • Idea Generation - Using sketchnotes to generate and capture ideas you have for writing, building things, design, whatever you are creating.
  • Idea Mapping - Sketchnotes that show ideas mapped out. Maybe you've mapped out a writing project work projects, your life plan, etc..
  • Planning - Sketchnotes you've used to create a task list, plan a project (large or small), plan a vacation or even your garden layout.
  • Idea Documentation - Any sketchnotes you've created to capture a recipe, a series of steps in a process are great. Brewing coffee, baking a pie, etc.
  • Travel - Using sketchnotes to document your travel experiences and vacations. Sights you've seen, daily activities and so on.
  • Food & Drink - Sketchnoted meal, coffee or tea experiences, like coffee cupping are great. I would love to see a wide variety of food choices.
  • Movies - Watch your favorite film and sketchnote details like the characters, plot, setting, conflict and resolution, your observations, etc.
  • TV Shows - Capture the details of your favorite TV show episodes. Map out characters as you watch to see how their character develops over time.
  • Sporting Events - Sketchnoting competition, like the Olympics, a baseball, hockey, soccer, basketball or football game, noting key plays, final score, etc.
  • Music - Capture the feeling you have listening to or watching your favorite music. Sketchnote the band members, lyrics, the tracks played, etc.

I Want Your Existing Sketchnotes

Have sketchnotes in the categories bellow? Great! submit them.

Create New Sketchnotes

Want to create new sketchnotes for the book? Great! I need new ones too.


Specs for existing or new sketchnotes you're submitting:

  • Must be your own original work.
  • Must be G-rated because lots of kids will read this book.
  • All drawing quality sketchnotes are acceptable! I want variety.
  • Must be a sketchnote. Both text and images used together. It can be more text or more images, but must use both text and images together.
  • Can be black and white or color. Be aware that the final art will be printed in black and gray. Colors can be adapted nicely to grays in Photoshop.
  • Low res scans or photos are OK. I'll need high res if chosen.
  • If chosen, I will have a usage document for you to sign and return.

DEADLINE: Submission deadline is March 15th. Sooner is always better!

Submit Your Sketchnotes!