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Simply Digital Podcast

I'm very excited to announce that my friend and fellow blogger Michael Ashby and his friend Analog Dave, have now launched a new podcast called Simply Digital.simplydigital.jpg

Their idea: create a weekly podcast explaining technology for non-technical people, who so often find the digital world a place geared specifically for the tech-saavy. Each week, Mike and Dave discuss a topic and break it down into easily digestible bits, in plain, non-geeky English. Very cool!

The first episode is on Podcasts, explaining to listeners what podcasting is, how it works and why it might be useful. They also cover various tools to manage and hear podcasts with, and share experiences they've had discovering and integrating podcasts into their own lives.

What's nice is, the Simply Digital site offers all podcasts embedded right on the site, so visitors can hear each episode without needing to get wrapped up in Podcasts, syndication, RSS and so on. I also love their extensive show notes for each show in structured form, with links galore.

Simply Digital's approach is a perfect way to help regular people understand and make better use of technology. I know many smart, non-technical friends who would love learning and applying technology — if someone would take the time and effort to explain it in a jargon-free way. That's where Simply Digital is a perfect fit.


Jason Santa Maria & Greg Storey on The Web 2.0 Show

jason-greg.jpgOne of my favorite podcasts is The Web 2.0 Show, a podcast about the "new" web with Josh Owens and Chris Saylor of Steel Pixel. The interview This week they've posted Episode 16, an excellent interview from SXSW with designers Jason Santa Maria and Greg Storey (Airbag).

In the interview (which begins at the 15:00 mark) the guys speak with Jason and Greg about their backgrounds as freelance graphic and web designers. They talk about working on projects as freelancers and why they went freelance, their process of working, inspiration, working remotely vs. face-to-face as part of teams, the challenges of working from home and more.

web2.0show.jpgIt's an excellent podcast to listen to for designers who want to learn more, or for those interested in how these two designers work and think. Be sure to check in the archives, as The Web 2.0 Show has interviewed many other interesting personalities worth hearing.


Design Resources

Lately I've stumbled onto some excellent design-related blogs and podcasts, which have been challenging me professionally, and I like that.

First is The Prepared Mind, a group blog run by Chris Gee. His recent posts cover the LogoWorks story, where professional designers seem to be finding lifted ideas submitted to clients through LogoWorks by the freelance designers who work for them. If you're interested in the story, check out Chris' running coverage of the issue here:

LogoWorks or LogoJERKS?

LogoWorks: set the record straight

More LogoWorks' greatest rips

The LogoWorks controversy rages on


Two LogoWorks designers speak

LogoWorks backs out of Friday podcast

Chris is also rolling with podcasting, providing some excellent long-form discussion about the design industry, with experts in the field. Here are all of The Prepared Mind podcasts, but my favorites so far:

Podcast #1 - Remote Collaboration

Chris speaks with Neil Tortorella about designers using remote collaboration to work with team members around the world, the impact of globalism on design, the challenge for designers to step up as leaders to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and more. Excellent discussion!

Podcast #6: Emily Cohen, the business of GD

Emily Cohen consults creative professionals on the design business. Listen as Chris talks with her about the business of graphic design and as she shares tips with designers for improving themselves business-wise.

Podcast #4: GK VanPatter, NextDesign Institute

Chris talks with GK VanPatter of NextDesign Leadership Institute about NextD, the design world, design leadership and the professional challenges facing designers in the 21st century.

More Design Podcasts

I've also come across two other design-oriented podcasts, but have not had time to listen this week. I hope to dive into these next week:

Typeradio Podcast (focused on typography and graphic design)

Icon-o-Cast Podcast (discussion on design in general)

Belief Design & Life Action Experiments

Also, in the same vein as the Pollinate: Chain Reaction movie I learned of from Jason Santa Maria, here is a followup film by Belief about a creative workspace:

Belief Pollinate: The Common Desk (VERY large Quicktime movie)

This piece is funny, edgy, rough, but very challenging ideas about changing up your work space and process for better creativity.

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Just in the last few weeks, I've stumbled on a new thing called Podcasting. What is Podcasting? Well, in short, it's a movement of techies, who make home-brew or commercial audio content for listening to on iPods (or other MP3 players) in MP3 format.

Taken a step further, Podcasting displays an RSS selection of these home-brewed audio �shows� like an RSS aggregator would � so you listen to audio entries rather than reading them, as is the case with textual weblog entries. Podcasting makes use of an 'enclosures' feature present in RSS 2.0 to achieve this. For current news on what's happening in the Podcasting world, check out

Podcasting Apps

I believe the new applications being developed for Podcasting go one step further, but letting you copy updated audio feeds to an MP3 player of your choice (I think Pod of Podcasting probably comes from the name iPod).

I've not yet explored any Podcasting applications like iPodder just yet, though I have tried adding some RSS feeds to NetNewsWire 2.0 beta, and it seems to work reasonably well, as v2.0 of NNW has the Safari webkit built in (which lets me grab or play MP3 files quite easily).

Podcasting Resources

One of the best resources of Podcasts is IT Conversations, which Michael Ashby turned me onto about a month ago, for an interview with Ben and Mena Trott of SixApart. Since then, I've discovered many interesting Podcasts of interviews, discussions and presentations, including Steve Wozinak at Gnomedex 4.0 (Part 1 and Part 2), The Gilmor Gang at Gnomedex, talking about Podcasting, an interview with Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome and founder of Gnomedex, an interview with Craig Newmark of Craiglist, and many others. Go have a peek at IT Conversations to see the full listing. lists available shows for download which is a nice place to start.

For music Podcasts, check out MixOfTheWeek, which puts together an hour of downloadable MP3 of electronica and other music mixes each week.

Another useful resource:

Todd Maffin's How Podcasting Will Save Radio and Engadget's How-To on Podcasts (including an Engadget podcast by Phillip Torrone and Lenn Pryor) are also very interesting reads.

Wired's Podcasts: New Twist on Net Audio is another good read.

Podcasts: Substance Matters

One interesting observation about Podcasts are, they vary greatly in quality of production and content. I've listened to a few that have been plain boring or misdirected so that I was deterred from continuing. I suppose after hearing IT Conversations' excellent quality Podcasts, my expectations are pretty high.

Another problem are length of shows. I have the feeling a shorter length might be better, unless the topic or discussion is very interesting. If it's just someone rambling on for an hour off the top of their heads, I won't last (unless they are quite interesting). I'd much rather hear variation during the program, or at least good, well organized discussion, if it's topical.

How I Enjoy Podcasts

I'm generally listening to these Podcasts here at the office, while working. It's a nice way to take a break from music, or radio, as I can start and stop as needed (if the phone rings, or when I need to discuss something with a colleague.

However, I'm more excited about the 256MB SD card for my Tungsten E, on which I can carry Podcasts around for mobile listening. I may even burn a CD with favorite Podcasts, for playing on my RioVolt SP250 CD-MP3 player.

Private Podcasting?

I'm contemplating a private Podcast for friends and family, since I've always had a love for audio, talk, music and discussion, but I'll have to think about this. I might consider generating a Podcast that resembles the old mix tapes I used to make, but with a bit more discussion about what's happening here, interviews, etc.

For my far-flung family and many international friends, it could be fun to produce a monthly 1 hour Podcast with talking, interviews with local friends, new music and so forth. I wouldn't want to do more than one per month, because so much is going on here � it would need to be easily created, without tons of technical fiddling, and I'm not quite sure how to do that yet. It's something to experiment with this winter.

Anyway, those are some tidbits and thoughts about Podcasting. It seemed an interesting topic, something other readers here might have interest in. If you know of, or run across some good quality Podcasts, please feel free to leave a comment.

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