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Rohdesign Podcast 02 - SXSW Interactive Edition

rohdesign-podcast_144.jpgWow! Podcasting is fun! :-)

I've just completed Rohdesign Podcast 02 over lunch break, using GarageBand to knit together the intro and exit music with my spoken audio. Here's episode 02 in flash as an MP3 and the full RSS feed.

powered by ODEO

In this second episode, I talk about the positive response to the 1st episode, planning my SXSW schedule, streamlining and improving the process of producing this podcast with GarageBand, and getting my analog and digital tools organized.

GarageBand Rocks!
GarageBand is wonderful for producing podcasts. It's simple, yet offers many features to streamline the process. I can record audio and filter it to sound better on one layer (you can hear the difference comparing episodes 01 and 02), drop the intro and exit music on 2 separate layers, and then embed an image and add text on a fourth metadata layer. It's like Photoshop for audio!

Once everything is tuned and organized, I can simply generate an combined MP3 file to the desktop or iTunes, ready for putting on the server. Awesome!

Thanks for your feedback. The podcasts are going over well. Look for episode 03 to be released the week I leave for SXSW — keep the feedback coming!

My Odeo Channel (odeo/db0bc20023b60840)


Introducing The Rohdesign Podcast

rohdesign-podcast_144.jpgFor a long time I've thought about doing a podcast. I love listening to a variety of podcasts, have been a guest on a few, but have never created my own, because I know they take work and dedication to do well (and maintain).

I've just had an epiphany about doing my own podcast, and have created The Rohdesign Podcast (RSS Feed)

My epiphany: to create an "special event" podcast, where I can post short episodes as it makes sense to me, rather than on a strict daily/weekly schedule. I suspect I'll post 5-10 minute episodes about monthly, which reduces time demands on me and you.

Brought to you by SXSW Interactive
The perfect time for a short podcast is my trip to SXSW Interactive, where I'm certain to meet new people, learn new things, and have experiences I'll want to share.

So, this week I recorded a 5 minute podcast about my plans for SXSW, created an intro song in GarageBand, posted the final podcast MP3 file to, generated the podcast feed with Podcast Maker, created a FeedBurner Feed and setup an ODEO Podcast page and ODEO embedded Podcast player.

Here's Episode 01: SXSW Interactive Edition:

powered by ODEO

I had a blast creating the intro in GarageBand and recording the sound on the MacBook. I'd love to hear what you think.

Long Term Goals
My long term goal: make it easy to record a 5-10 minute episode, then publish and syndicate to subscribers, while allowing those who just want to hear the episodes without subscription use the player embedded on my blog or at ODEO.

Now that the podcast is up and running, I can create episodes for other topics like design or record podcasts for other events, record interviews with interesting people, and whatever else comes to me as I get used to having my own podcast.

I would love to hear your feedback on the Rohdesign Podcast. Let me know your thoughts on episode 01, what you'd like to hear in the future, etc.

Thanks for listening! :-)


My Podcast Interview on The Micro ISV Show

ch9bot.gifA few weeks ago, I was invited by author, micro-business owner and new MakaluMedia logo design client Bob Walsh, to be interviewed on Microsoft's The MicroISV Show (a podcast for software developers) with co-host Michael Lehman:

It's a brave new world for MicroISVs in which it's no longer enough to drag some controls onto a form and simply make sure they're lined up and the tab order is right. The mantra "form follows function" is becoming more and more important for developers as advent of Windows Vista, WPF and Silverlight once again change the expectations of how customers perceive software. You've got to "put your best face forward" and think about design of the user experience right from the beginning.

In this episode, Michael Lehman and Bob Walsh talk to Mike Rohde, designer and art director for MakaluMedia, about the changing role of design in software development and how and why MicroISVs must incorporate design thinking into their development process.

Listen to The Micro ISV Show #22 podcast:

• Putting your best face forward - The growing importance of design for MicroISVs
• Direct Podcast MP3 Link (Size: 36MB, Runtime: 40:13)

We had a great time! I had an opportunity to talk a bit about my views on design being more than window-dressing on applications, the importance of starting early with a designer, how to choose a designer, vector-based development tools and how they may effect developers and designers, and more.

Bob worked in questions about my creative process, asked how I generate so many sketch ideas, and even slipped in a mention of my Moleskine Planner Hack project.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.


Tour Fever Mini Review

tourfever.jpgEvery year since 2003, I've been compiling online resources for Tour de France fans, and every year the list grows longer (2004, 2005, 2006).

Last year, I found the book Tour Fever: The Armchair Cyclist's Guide to the Tour de France by J.P. Partland, made a mention in the Tour 2006 list, and got a nice email from J.P. offering a review copy from the publisher.

This spring, with cycling thawing from a cold winter, I took J.P. up on his offer, and received a review copy a few weeks ago.

Darn! I wish I'd asked for this book sooner! :-)

This compact book offers a comprehensive yet brief overview of the Tour de France, from its history and early days, to the current Tours of Armstrong and Landis.

“Tour Fever is an insightful look at the world's greatest bike race, the Tour de France. It educates the novice while providing cutting edge information and reference for the seasoned professional.
—Tom Danielson, Discovery Channel Professional Cycling Team

I especially enjoyed the historical overview of the race, and being reminded that the Tour is rooted in a publicity stunt by a newspaper publisher to save his paper. Yet at the same time, a stunt borne of PR, can also offer a space where cyclists can still prove their endurance and tougness.

What's Inside
Tour Fever covers the basics of how the Tour works and why, and provides a sense of how complex of a beast it is. The book also provides newcomers a good overview of how and why teams are structured, how they operate, the different kinds of racers, the goals of each team and so on.

I've learned many these tidbits through years of following the Tour, listening to Paul Sherwen and Phil Ligget make the call year after year, reading blogs and articles on the web and talking over the details with cycling friends.

But having all of this information in a compact, concise book is so nice. This is an ideal guide for anyone interested in Tour de France and bicycle racing, who doesn't want to wade through bike-speak. In fact, J.P. is very good at writing like a regular person, as he explains the intricacies of the Tour.

If you're interested in checking out the 2008 Tour and want more background on the race, then I reccomend Tour Fever by J.P. Partland.

It's good stuff.

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A Tasty Selection of Podcasts

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy personally and at work, but I have had time to hear some great podcasts while I've worked and played. With a post here overdue, I wanted to share a few podcasts with you.

Tech Nation: The Coming China Wars
This interviewThe Coming China Wars by Dr. Moira Gunn of Peter Navarro, professor of business at UC Irvine School of Business, and author of The Coming China Wars, covers some interesting and not-often known aspects about China. Their discussion touches on environmental issues, dam projects, counterfeit goods manufacture, health care issues, AIDS epidemics, blood scandals and more. A fascinating 2-part podcast:
The Coming China Wars, Part I
The Coming China Wars, Part II

The Illustrative Designer: Tommy Kane
tommykane.jpgVon Glitschka's excellent discussion with the inspiring artist Tommy Kane was a real treat. Turns out Tommy is an Art Director in NYC who just loves to draw, and man, can Tommy draw! I love his style, as my sketchtoon style is vaguely similar. In fact, this discussion has encouraged me to dust off my Moleskine sketchbook and get back to sketching for 2007. Listen and be encouraged:
Von Glitschka's Interview with Tommy Kane

IT Conversations: Thomas Malone
731.jpgThomas' talk discussion from Accelerating Change 2005 on The Future of Work was interesting, especially since I work remotely from my home office with distributed colleagues and clients around the world. Tom talked quite a bit about changes toward giving workers more freedom and flexibility to make decisions, and low-cost communications which are driving so many changes. Also check out his "Perspective" talk from 2004:
Thomas Malone: The Future of Work
Thomas Malone: Perspective

Simply Digital: Chris Dunphy
1253168.jpgMy good friend Michael Ashby's Simply Digital Podcast features someone I know from my days in the Palm OS User Council, Chris Dunphy. What makes this interview so interesting is how Chris, having left PalmSource, sold and gifted most of his worldly possessions to buy a TAB trailer, a Jeep Liberty, a MacBook and other tech gear to live a tech-nomad's life. In the interview, Chris talks about the shift to his new lifestyle, and even his portable airplane. It's challenging and encouraging to see Chris live this way, yet have everything he needs.
Simply Digital: Chris Dunphy

Mars Hill Podcasts
robbell.jpgI've known about Rob Bell and his Mars Hill Bible Church for a few years now, having come across his series of thought-provoking 10 minute NOOMA videos, and his recent book Velvet Elvis. Just a few weeks ago I came across a podcast for teaching at Mars Hill. I appreciate the context Rob provides, because he makes a concerted effort to try and understand and share the ancient Jewish context in which Jesus lived and in which the scriptures were written. I find his contextual perspective insightful and challenging to my walk with Jesus. I'm getting a deeper understanding of just how complex and rich Jesus and scriptures really are, compared to the one-dimensional way they're often portrayed.
12 Most Recent Weeks of Mars Hill Teaching
Mars Hill iTunes Podcast Subscription (opens iTunes)

I hope you enjoy one or all of these tasty podcast selections. If you have other good podcasts to share, drop a note in the comments — I'm always looking for good listening materials!