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The Sketchnote Podcast

THE SECOND EPISODE of The Sketchnote Podcast went live today, so it's time to give you a little background on this extension of The Sketchnote Handbook and share what's coming in future episodes for the next few months.

Here's episode 1 - Sketching Concepts:

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Origins of The Sketchnote Podcast

I've been a huge fan of podcasts since 2004, mainly listing to audio podcasts when I drive, walk, mow the lawn or shovel the walk. I've played with the medium a few years back, but it never made sense to produce a continuous podcast without a great topic as the focus.

So, when Peachpit pitched the idea of a video podcast as a way to extend the teachings from The Sketchnote Handbook, I knew I had the right topic, medium and timing to make something really cool. I got Brian Artka, my friend and video master from the book videos to help create the podcasts, and said yes.

Shooting Podcasts

Brian and I agreed to create 10 episodes, featuring three types of episodes: interviews, sketching ideas and critiques of reader sketchnotes.

Sketchnote Podcast with @sachac talking digital sketchnoting workflow!  Sketchnote Podcast - an episode on drawing serif type!
The Sketchnote Podcast Episode 2 using the iPad!

Brian and I wanted to continue the alternative approach started with the Sketchnote Handbook video, by shooting every podcast with a 5D Mk II in a documentary style. On a lark, I decided to include my iPhone with The Sketchnote Handbook logo as a unique way to mark each podcast.

We've also been trying to use different techniques — drawing in a pocket Moleskine with a gel pen, and then a sharpie, doing critiques, interviews and drawing techniques on the iPad as well. As we continue to shoot these episodes, we're improving the details and nailing down the best practices.

Podcast Release Schedule

We've now created 8 of 10 episodes — 2 more to shoot. We've released episode 2 today and will be releasing the remaining episodes every 2 weeks through May. We've shot an interview with Sacha Chua on digital sketchnoting, critiques of 2 more sketchnotes, and 3 sketching concepts and sketching serif type.

Here's the current list of upcoming episodes:

Subscribe today and each episode will appear in your podcasting app or iTunes every 2 weeks through May 2013 — and hopefully beyond.

Podcast Feedback and Suggestions

If you're interested in keeping these podcasts going past the first 10 episodes, let Peachpit know by sending feedback, let me know via email or comments below and rate the podcasts in iTunes.

If we get good feedback on these, there is a great chance Peachpit will extend a contract with Brian and I to make more of them.

Finally, be sure to check out and join the Sketchnote Handbook Flickr Group. There are some great samples of reader work there, which we will be using for future critiques — maybe yours can be one of those!


CaffiNation Podcast 291: Mistakes Happen

caffination.gifMy friend Paul Rj Muller, producer of the CaffiNation Podcast, dropped me a line yesterday.

Turns out he recovered a year-old interview we had about the Sketchtoon Coffee Calendar from his iPod. He's added it to espisode 291 — you can hear the interview 31 minutes in.

Thanks Paul for including our interview in the podcast!


Skecthnotes on The Thirsty Developer Podcast 39

I'm happy to announce that my interview on sketchnotes with Larry Clarkin and Dave Bost for the Thirsty Developer Podcast is online!

In this episode of the Thirty Developer Podcast, Larry, Dave and I talk about how sketchnotes came to be, my approach to creating them, the tools and techniques I use and how sketchnotes might be useful for information documentation on development projects.

Here's the show link and the full MP3 for your listening pleasure.


Rohdesign Podcast 07 - Marcus Nelson

rohdesign-podcast_144.jpgI've posted Rohdesign Podcast 07, with special guest and friend, Marcus Nelson from SuperStarch and UserVoice. It's posted as an MP3 and as a web-based flash player:

In the 7th episode of the Rohdesign Podcast, my guest is Marcus Nelson of,, and many other sites. We talk about UserVoice, SXSW Interactive, life & work, passion and how to bloom where you're planted. Check out Marcus' J. Crew Modeling Photos! :-)

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Rohdesign Podcast 06 - Michael Ashby

rohdesign-podcast_144.jpgI've posted the latest edition of the Rohdesign Podcast, featuring my friend and web guy, Michael Ashby. It's posted as an MP3 and as a web-based flash player:

In the sixth episode of the Rohdesign Podcast, I talk with Michael Ashby of Coherent Methods, about my impressions and thoughts on the SXSW Interactive experience, answering his questions about the event and why he should consider attending SXSW Interactive in 2009. This is a longer episode, clocking in at 45 minutes (though I think it's well worth the listen).