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BarCampMilwaukee2 Shirts: To the Printer

This afternoon, I took the final BarcampMilwaukee2 T-Shirt art, sizes and specs to MJM Ventures. 290 shirts are now in production, with delivery of the shirts set for Thursday October 11th.

BarCamp MKE 2 Shirt Mockup: Side View

After 12:00 today, I closed the window for new BarCamp registrants to gurantee their shirt sizes. I had to deliver the information and art today, so MJM could make the October 11th delivery deadline. That's the way it goes.

Registranst will still have shots at shirts, as I have about 75 extra shirts ordered for walk ups, to be given given out on a first-come, first serve basis.

Final Artwork
Here are snapshots of the final front and back artwork:

BarCamp MKE 2 Shirt Front (Final)
T-Shirt Front: Navy blue and rich gold.

BarCamp MKE 2 Shirt Back (Final)
T-Shirt Back: Solid Navy blue logo and sponsor names in the shape on an X.

Thank You!
Thanks go to Jen Anne for her wonderful illustrations, MJM for shirt selection and production, Pete Prodoehl (A.K.A. ChaosLord) for advice and information from last year's shirts and Blake Hall for all of his help creating t-shirt lists in Drupal.

BarCampMilwaukee2 is less than 2 weeks away! Sign up now!


BarCamp Milwaukee 2 T-Shirt Mockup

BarCamp MKE 2 Shirt Mockup: Side ViewYesterday I visited MJM Ventures, the company who is printing our BarCamp Milwaukee 2 T-Shirts. They kindly got a sample of a Gildan Sand colored shirt, so I could see the color and create a mockup.

Wow! What a perfect color! It's neutral with a hint of warmth and light enough to work with out dark gold and navy blue colors.

Today I created a quick ink-jet iron-on mockup of the BarCamp shirt, to figure out the correct size of the imprint and to make sure the colors would look good on the shirt's surface. I'e done many ink-jet iron ons before and they are a great way to envision shirt designs or make custom shirts.

I think the emblem is going to be enlarged a tad, and then I need to find a good Pantone gold that's not too greenish. For whatever reason, the dark gold we had been using has a tendency to go toward the green, when I want it to stay warm and rich.

Next week, the art gets finalized along with the sponsor list.

To secure one of the t-shirts, you must register to attend BarCamp Milwaukee 2 before Wednesday the 26th, when the art goes to the printer!


Your Personal Invitation to BarCamp Milwaukee 2

BarCamp Milwaukee 2 IconThis week I've been sending out personal BarCamp Milwaukee 2 invitations, and so far several friends seem very interested, including a couple of out of town friends.

Today, I realized it would be smart to post the same invite information I've sent to 50 friends to my blog readers — you!

Consider this your personal invitation to BarCamp Milwaukee 2, Saturday, October 13 through Sunday, October 14, 2007.

Where is it?
BarCamp is happening at the Schlitz Park Center, 1555 Rivercenter Drive in downtown Milwaukee, on the river's edge (map). I was in the meeting space the other day and the whole Schlitz Park and 3rd Street areas are getting revitalized. There's a great energy down there.

What is BarCamp all about?
It's a space and a place where people interested in learning and sharing can hang out, and learn with others who want to learn and share.

BarCamp is a free event but we aim to have active attendees we encourage everyone to share something with the group whether expertise, knowledge, passion about a topic or simply helping out during the event.

Learn more about Getting Started!

BarCamp MKE 2 T-Shirt Design v4

How Much is it?
It's totally free! There will be food and camping space provided for attendees who need a place to crash on Saturday night, though you can drive home, or attend just Saturday, or just Sunday, whatever suits your schedule.

If you decide to camp, just bring a pillow and a sleeping bag. :-)

Free T-Shirt with Registration!
Register, and you'll get a cool t-shirt for free!

IMPORTANT: It's critical that you sign up by Wednesday, September 26th, and be sure to include your shirt size!

Once we take the art and shirt info to the printer on the 27th, there's no guarantee of getting a t-shirt!

I would love to have you come to BarCamp Milwaukee 2. It's going to be a great time of learning, sharing and getting to know all kinds of different, interesting people from Milwaukee and the Midwest. Sign up here.

If you have any questions about the event, send me a note.




BarCamp Milwaukee 2

BarCamp Milwaukee 2 LogoIt's coming! BarCamp Milwaukee was so much fun in 2006, we're doing it again!

BarCamp Milwaukee 2 is set to happen on Saturday, October 13 and Sunday the 14th, 2007, at Schlitz Park Center. BarCamp is an "unconference" in that the people who attend are also the presenters who share expertise and passion with others.

BarCamps usually focus on technology, though at the Milwaukee event we want to encourage the discussion of creative culture and how to integrate new technologies to foster further growth.

We plan to have discussions on Creative Commons, which so often can seem hard to grasp. I look forward to hearing about this, so I can be better about applying CC licenses appropriately, and share my work with others who are interested.

I'm also giving a talk on Iterative Design at BarCamp, sharing some examples and getting a discussion going on how to practically apply principles of iteration to various forms of work, whether creative or otherwise.

So, come on down and read the Get Started page, so you can sign up and donate! Check out the Sessions, and Participants pages. If you're a press person or blogger, the Press Kit is a good place to get concise info on BarCamp Milwaukee.

If you sign up before September 26th, you get this cool T-Shirt, with beautiful illustration work by Jen Anne and design work by myself:

BarCampMKE2 Shirt Design v3

Get in on the fun and join us at BarCamp Milwaukee 2! :-)


Selling & Buying Houses, Moving Ahead

House PhotoIt's nearly done!

We're in the home stretch in our house selling and buying experience. On Friday Gail and I signed a pile of papers to complete the process.

After signing the papers to sell our home, the closing agent delclared:

"Congratulations... You're homeless!"

Technically, we were homeless for about two hours, until completing the paperwork to take ownership of our new place.

The next step? Pack our stuff, and move it all to the new house next Saturday. We have a bit to do, but are optimistic and have great friends helping us out.

House Sale Follow-up
By the way, the sale of our house went very well. We sold it in 5 days, with 4 offers coming in. This was a great feeling, especially during a "buyers" market in the Milwaukee area. It really helped strengthen our position as buyers to have no home sale contingency in our offer.

You can read about our open house day to see that we put in some serious effort getting our place looking great. It really paid off. If you're selling your home, research home staging beforhand. Decluttering and staging our house really made it shine and let buyers see the space as their own space.

The Importance of Great Team Members
Donna BestWe can't say enough about our agent, Donna Best, for the hard work and excellent advice she provided to us in selling our home and buying a new home. Some may choose to buy and sell houses themselves — I loved having Donna, a knowledgeable veteran agent on our team. She rocked! :-)

Our new house purchase was a challenging ordeal, and having Donna there to help negotiate and advise us was critical to our success. I understood the value of having a great real estate agent as she guided us through obstacales to a successful home purchase. Donna taught me many lessons about superb customer service.

So, we're off. It's an exciting time, moving a new community, setting up a new house, establishing a new home office space, and more. Yes, this move will have challenges, but we're optimistic, and know that God is leading us to new, exciting things.

Have a great weekend!

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