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Entries in Kids (15)


A Lighter Look at Winter

Lobsterboy!Generally I'm Ok with wintertime, colder temps, snow and so on. Well, these past few weeks of very cold weather are testing that belief right now, so as a way to combat the negatives of winter, I've decided to do something fun this Friday.

To the right is a photo of my son Nathan, taken last week. I was about to head out and shovel the snow (again) last Saturday, when this crazy idea came into my head, to put my knit hat on Nathan's head and my big leather shoveling gloves on his hands.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... Lobsterboy!

Nathan loved it! In fact, we had a hard time catching him on camera, because he was running around the house in this getup. I caught him on camera as he ran about and finally, he stopped at the fireplace for a photo session, where I got this shot.

So, if you're cold and getting a little tired of winter wherever you might be, I hope this little lighthearted photo and story brighten your Friday. :-)

Have a great (and warm) weekend!


Nathan Turns One

Nathan's BirthdayFor our family, today is a special day: our first son Nathan, turned one year old! You can see a photo of Nathan digging into his Personal Birthday Cupcake©, lips first, at his Big Birthday Bash™ on Saturday. :-)

I'm amazed that a year has already gone by and even more amazed at how much Nathan has grown in that year. He came home as a shrively little dude who was completely reliant on us for everything, to a little boy who can cruise on the furniture, can stand up by himself (can't quite walk yet though), knows several sign-language signs like milk, all done, eat, and more and knows how to bite the heads off of Goldfish crackers like a pro.

I suppose other parents will tell me that this "wondering where the years went" feeling is going to be the norm now and for the years to come. That's ok though, because I get to enjoy seeing my son grow and learn while being a part of that process. Cool.

Happy Birthday Nathan! :-)


Gawwwleee Paw!

Bucktooth Nate
Sometimes it's the simple things in life, like bucktoothed binkies for babies. :-)

Have a great weekend!


Nathan at 4 Months

Nathan 4 months oldMy little son Nathan just hit the BIG 4 month mark yesterday, in case you were curious. We held back and didn't have the 4 Month Mongo Birthday Bash we had planned. The Russian acrobats and Guido's Troupe of Dancing Elephants were a bit disappointed, but those are the breaks. Oh well. :-)

Fatherhood is a wonderful thing! It's great fun seeing my son growing up and learning in leaps and bounds. Lately he's been exercising his vocal skills in Baby Jibberish, often quite loudly! He's mimicking our modulated speech, shaping his mouth and even using facial expressions. Amazing.

Nathan's hand-eye coordination has also greatly improved in the past 4 weeks. He's been able to grasp things on his own and hold them long enough to shake them around a bit. He's also got powerful legs for a little spud -- what a kick!

But the most fun of all is seeing Nathan becoming aware of his surroundings. He's now much more aware of people and can respond in kind to their smiles. He seems to understand the tone of voices and is reacting to noises he hears. He's also more aware of shapes, colors and other bits of the environment he's found himself in.

It's amazing to think that this tiny little boy has come as far as he has in only 4 months. His growth excites me, since I'm privileged to see, first hand, just how he continues to adapt, learn and grow. Lucky me!

Have a nice weekend!


Say Cheeeez! It's aweome being a Dad!

It's aweome being a dad! Even taking into account the overall lack of sleep and extreme changes in my life's schedule, I just can't get enough of my little 3.5 month old son Nathan, especially when he gives me smiles like this! Life with Nathan is even more fun now, since he's starting to develop a personality. He's smiling and laughing much more, though I should mention he had the pouty lip face mastered within the first month. :-)

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