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Handy Links 6

Handy Links

Featured this week:
This week, an ultimate Dropbox guide, funky minimal watches, a hand-drawn font called Clumsy, a music recommendation and a podcast on sketchnotes.

The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit & Guide

If you use Dropbox like I do, check out this reference on how to make best use of the service.

Nooka Watches

Really dig the minimal, colorful style of these Nooka watches, particularly the unique graphical time displays - I want an orange Zot.

Clumsy Font

My pal Kyle Steed's personal, hand-drawn font named Clumsy. Download free and be sure to donate generously!

Collections of Colonies of Bees - Birds

Local Wisconsin band Collection of Colonies of Bees album Birds is an excellent set of tracks for working to. $10 on iTunes or Amazon MP3.

Thirsty Developer Podcast: Sketchnotes

Stumbled across this old podcast done about 2 years ago with the Thirsty Developer guys, Larry Clarkin and Dave Bost. It's a really good overview of sketchnotes and how I approach them, in audio form. Here's the direct MP3 Link.

See you all next time.


Handy Links 5

Handy Links

Featured this week:
Two sImple mobile phones, a set of Moleskine daily planners in a box, 10 handy Photoshop tips and a DIY iPad stylus created from a dry erase marker.

Minimal Mobile Phones

Overwhelmed by your overly-complex smartphone? Why not switch to a minimal phone like the $95 Joe's Phone that does one thing well - making calls. I love the integrated paper phone book and pen. The just5 is another interesting minimal phone for $90, with a few more features like SMS and FM radio.

Moleskine 2011 Daily Planner Box Set

Here's an interesting approach to a calendar system: 12 single Moleskine Volant books (one per month) are packed up in a nicely boxed $40 set. Each monthly book is easy to pocket and by the time the edges are dog-eared, grab next month's new planner and go.

10 Random Photoshop CS5 Tips & Techniques

I've been working quite a bit in Photoshop the last few months and am starting to appreciate all the things it can do. Adobe evangelist Terry White provides 10 great Photoshop CS5 tips in this quick and informative screencast.

Home-Brew iPad Marker Stylus

Here's a cool step-by-step, do-it-yourself approach for converting a standard dry-erase marker into an iPad stylus. Awesome! Thanks to Kris Hunt for the link.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.


Handy Links 4

Handy Links

Featured this week:
This week's collection of Handy Links center on simplicity, focus and making space for thinking — three practices which are challenged in an always-on world.

On a related note, I began a week-long Twitter vacation on Wednesday. I've been feeling especially fractured and distracted the last few weeks and wanted to take a step toward limiting inputs.

I'm already feeling positive benefits of focus, rest and getting more done.

What Happened to Downtime?

Here's an excellent article from Scott Belsky, showing how our distracted lives are impacting our ability to think deeply. He suggests 5 ways to disconnect and make space for sacred, interruption-free spaces where we can think, ponder and analyze again.

James Victore: Don't Be A Design Zombie

Designer James Victore talks about distraction and its corrosive effects in this interview with The 99 Percent. His quote "iPhones are killing our discipline, killing our ability for solitude, and killing our ability to be bored" was especially challenging to me this week.

Less but better: Dieter Rams in conversation

Here's a video interview with Dieter Rams of Braun, talking about his perspective on creating simply designed products for Braun for 40-plus years. Here's another great interview with Dieter from via Great stuff!

Writer for iPad

In the style of a Dieter Rams object comes Writer for iPad, a text editor designed to keep things simple and let you focus on distraction-free writing. Just $5 from Information Architects. Now that I've bought an Apple Bluetooth keyboard I'm enjoying writing on the iPad in a way I couldn't when using the soft keyboard. Also worth checking out: Simplenote and PlainText.

Thanks for reading. Make sure to take time away from the noise this week.


Handy Links 3

Handy Links

Featured this week:
A sketchbook tour, virtual drawing nibs for the iPad, magazines on the iPad, an iPad video conversion reference and an amazing, magical flashback to the state of the internet, circa 1999.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

It's like a concert tour but with sketchbooks. Sign up for The Sketchbook Project ($25) by October 31st and get a Moleskine Cahier (red, black, blue kraft). Next, draw in the sketchbook on a specific theme (choose your own or go random) then send the book back by January 15th, 2011. The collection of all sketchbooks will start touring the USA in March 2011. Digitize your sketchbook for $20 more.

Dave Gray's Nib Cursor Concept

My friend Dave Gray shared a fascinating concept sketch on Flickr for a software-based iPad nib. Since drawing with a finger obscures what you're doing, Dave suggests a virtual nib that can be programmed to create a variety of lines and stroke styles.

Khoi Vinh: My iPad Magazine Stand

Excellent article from Khoi Vinh, former design director for the New York Times, on digital magazines for the iPad. Vinh rightly points out that exporting a print magazine to a big stack of PNGs is not taking full advantage of the iPad's interactivity or technical capabilities. UPDATE: Khoi has now posted a follow-up article with more details.

How to Encode Videos for Your iPad

Here's a really handy reference document for anyone planning on preparing videos for the iPad using the Mac OS X tool, Handbrake. I love this kind of info.

Superior Web Solutions

Words aren't sufficient to explain the full impact this website had on me this week. You simply have to visit and explore this flashback from the height of Flash development, circa 1999. Be sure to visit 'Shop' and ride the elevator. Thanks Josh and Derek for the find.

Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend.


Handy Links 2

Handy Links

I give you my weekly collection of the most interesting links for your finger-clicking pleasure.

Featured this week:

A typography reference and 2 type t-shirts, an interview with Marco Arment, Tweet Library for tweet archives, a Photoshop action called Browser UI that adds browser chrome to mockups, and Focus, a great new book by Leo Babauta.

The Typographic Desk Reference

Type fanatics are going to love this! Theo Rosendorf, the creative director for the design agency Matador has created the The Typographic Desk Reference, with exhausting detail on typographic terms and classifications. $45 available at Amazon.

Well Kerned & Letterspaced T-Shirts

Another one for the type fanatics — men's Well Kerned and Letterspaced typographic tees from the Typography Shop. $22 each, international shipping too.

The Pipeline No. 28: Marco Arment

An excellent podcast interview on The Pipeline at Dan Benjamin's 5by5 network with Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper and blogger at Marco talks about his minimalist philosophy, coffee, how he created instapaper and his time at Tumblr.

Tweet Library for iPad

Developer Manton Reece created an iPad app to archive, search and manage your Twitter tweets. If you've ever searched for your old tweets you know why this would be useful — Twitter only offers access to around 3,200 of your most recent tweets). This app grabs your tweets and catalogs them offering a variety of other features for organizing them. Tweet Library is $10 in the App Store (and worth every cent).

Browser UI

Browser UI, a slick Photoshop action from Ben Shoults, automagically wraps browser chrome around your mockups. Free Home Standard Edition features the cutting edge IE6, Deluxe Edition version includes Firefox, Safari and Chrome. $3 download.


Focus, the new book from Zen Habits blogger Leo Babauta. In it he calls out our age of distraction and ways to get control of the constant distractions in our lives to focus on the things that matter. The entire book is available as a free PDF (intentionally uncopyrighted) while the full version includes added video and audio, bonus chapters and guides for $35.

Thanks for reading. Catch you all next week.