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Silicon Boys Follow-Up

Silicon Valley BoysWell, I've completed The Silicon Boys and Their Valley of Dreams this week and am pleased to report it was a good read. I got a little glassy-eyed in the 'Profits' chapter about venture capital, which was not terribly interesting to me, other than describing how venture capital works. But then I'm not an accountant either. :-)

The Epilogue chapter provided an interesting contrast to the prologue, though it didn't really cover the change in a post Internet-boom Silicon Valley as I'd hoped it might. I suppose I'll have to find another book to learn more about that phase of life in Silicon Valley. If you can suggest a good book on this, let me know.

One thing is sure -- Silicon Valley has more than its share of wacky people. But maybe that's why they're willing to take the risks and start companies... they're just crazy enough to think their ideas will work!

Verdict: If you're interested in a good general history of Silicon Valley peppered with some funny stories and insights on what life is like there, I can heartily recommend The Silicon Boys and Their Valley of Dreams.

Enjoy your weekend!


Hacker Tales from the Underground

Underground I was reminded today of an excellent non-fiction e-book I read about a year ago and had forgotten until recently. It's a great yarn called Underground written by Suelette Dreyfus. "Tales of hacking, madness and obsession on the electronic frontier" is indeed a perfect description of this book.

The story follows several computer hackers in the US, UK, Australia and Germany back in the days of old computers and BBS systems. If you're thinking to yourself that a non-fiction book about old time hackers sounds incredibly boring I'm here to tell you that you're wrong!

Now I'm not sure how I came across this book, but after getting into the story was very glad I did. I was amazed at the flow of the story and how interested I became in the characters. Suelette's writing voice is nicely transparent to the story itself, and the background information seems very well researched. I was amazed at how hard it was to put this nearly 500 page book down. In fact, after reading the book I sent in my $12... it was that good!

So, rather than go on about the book, I'll just direct you to the download page where you can grab a copy in one of many different formats, including Palm Reader, iSilo, Doc and Plucker to name but a few. Give this book a read -- I'm confident that you'll enjoy it.

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