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Other People's Weblogs

Witold Riedel's WeblogToday I wanted to take a moment to mention some other weblogs I really like. Some of these weblogs belong to friends of mine, some are weblogs I just admire greatly.

My Palm Life
John Winstanley and his cohort Sven Rafferty have just pumped up the My Palm Life website recently, which is a blend of weblog, Palm news site and forums. John had been doing the Blogger thing for a while on his own, until he and Sven decided to give it a go together. Both guys seems to be having fun at this new venture and that's just what blogging is all about! Good stuff guys!

My First Blog
I have another "Blog-child" (someone who starts weblogging because of your own weblog) in Scott Fringer. Scott is an IT guy who lives on his Clié NX73V. He wasn't sure about starting a weblog, but after some discussion he decided to give it a try. His blog is called appropriately, My First Blog. I was pleased to see that he's been experimenting with mobile posting via his Clié and Vagablog. Keep going my friend!

Witold Riedel's Weblog
I was just reminded about Witold Riedel's weblog and site last night and can highly recommend his blog and wonderful sketches. Witold travels to work on the NYC subway and while riding, likes to sketch in his small Moleskine notebook. He recently had an interview about his sketchbooks which also features a gallery called "Seeds for the Pen." Wow. I don't know Witold, but I do highly admire his work.
I like to drop by and check out Phillip Torrone's site now and again. Phillip is a tech and gadget junkie, and a Segway owner/advocate. My friend Lorenz mentioned in an email that he had just posted a collection of black and white photos called option 3, taken every half hour, 7 days per week for 3 weeks. The resulting 1,066 snapshots are very nice. I don't know Phillip personally either, but if I did, I'd suggest that he turn his cool photo collection into a slideshow or a quicktime movie with a music track running in the background.

That's it for this time. I might make this a regular thing, maybe monthly... not sure yet. If you have any weblog suggestions for me and other visitors, please feel free to leave them in the comments area below.

Have a great weekend!


Christmas & New Years Blogging Break

I've decided to take a little blogging break over Christmas and New Years weeks, as those are usually busy personally and work-wise. Rather than add another thing to do for the next few weeks, I think it's best to take a little break and resume again in 2004.

However, if Lord of the Rings Return of the King is as good as I'm expecting, I may drop in during my break and post a brief review of the film. We'll see. :-)

I wish you a wonderful holiday season: a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah and a happy and blessed New Year. Be sure to spend time with family and friends, and maybe even take a little personal break to reflect on 2003. I always find those two things the most important ways I celebrate this time of year.

See you next year! :-)


Weblog Writing Tips, Austrian Kaffeehaus, Palm OS Blogging Update

Now that title ought to be an award winner for most bizarre compilation of tidbits in a single weblog posting. But hey, it's my weblog... :-)

Advice on Writing Weblogs: A few weeks ago I came across this link to the article 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web by Mark Bernstein at A List Apart and just tossed it into my links collection to check out later. Today, while looking for good things to mention, I stumbled across the link again, so here we are.

Now not all 10 of Mark's tips will apply to every writer, and some might not interest you, but at least one or maybe more of these tips ought to be helpful. Mainly, Mark tells you to be real, writing what you know and being honest about what you think. But you'll enjoy reading all 10 tips, so don't just take my summation as enough, read the whole thing.

Austrian Kaffeehaus in London: This weekend, my good friend Andy, who happens to be an Austrian living in London, sent along a webpage he's posted about Kipferl, a cool new Austrian coffee house he's just found in central London. Just reading Andy's description made me hungry for a Kipferl and a cup of Sachers-brand coffee. Andy, let's start talking about some Christmas treats, ok? Mmmmm! :-)

Palm OS Weblogging Update: Lastly, I've received a few requests of late about my journey with weblogging with a Palm OS device. I thought I'd present an update on that here. Essentially, nothing has changed. I've experimented with a few apps like Azure and several web browsers on both the Tungsten C and Dana Wireless, but found them all lacking.

I don't want to run Java to do the Azure thing, but even worse, there's a 4k limit to posts in Azure. The same 4k limit and use of pop-up windows in Palm OS web browsers has also soured me on using them. Yeah, for short posts it's workable, but not ideal. Check out Michael Ashby's Weblogging With Your Palm post on the subject for more details.

I have found that a document on the Mac synced via Wordsmith, Quickword or DocsTo Go seems to work best. And now that my Tungsten E has the new 32k Memo application and conduit, a Memo could work pretty well too. Alternately, using the "Send' key on my Dana Wireless while connected via USB cable works great -- I write remotely and then I just use the Send function dump raw blog text right into NetNewsWire's useful Weblog editing window.

In fact, my big plan for a Palm OS blog tool, is contact Stand Alone Software about writing a dedicated application in the same vein as Hand/RSS for reading RSS feeds. I like that Stand Alone has considered both wired and un-wired customers with Hand/RSS, since feeds can be updated either via a net connection or their included Mac or Windows conduit. Seems like a perfect way to do a Weblogging tool to me.

So, if you're interested in seeing Stand Alone build a Weblog tool, please join me in dropping them a line to make them aware of your request. Who knows -- it might just work. :-):


Back On Track

Well, hello everyone! It was very nice to take a blogging break last week... I was able to catch up a little bit and even gather some ideas for weblog posts in the process.

Pattern RecognitionI've also started reading a new book, discovered at the library last week. I'd heard good things about William Gibson's Pattern Recognition on the net and from my good friend Dan, so when I saw it on the new fiction rack I had to grab it.

In a nutshell, the story follows Cayce Pollard, a "cool hunter" who works for ad agencies to locate the "next cool thing" -- she's a pattern recognizer. Pollard also happens to have a side hobby of following segments of mysterious "footage" that appears regularly on the net with no clues as to who is shooting it, or why it's being released. As the story progresses, she's drawn to far off places and into odd situations as she searches for the meanings and maker of the footage.

Even halfway through the story, I can tell you that Pattern Recognition is an excellent read! I love Gibson's way of describing places, which at times seems to approach poetry. I get these wonderful travelogue-like snapshot images from his place descriptions, which makes the story seem all that more real. The characters are also very well done -- quirks and all. Overall, the story is very different and compelling.

The only downside: Pattern Recognition is new fiction, which makes it 7-day loan material. This means I've had to really keep a move on, reading before bed and choosing the book over football games on Sunday. Still, this is a good thing in my estimation, since it's become a real pleasure and joy to take a little time each day or an hour on a rainy Sunday afternoon, to read a bit more of the story.

So, once this book is completed I'll be sure to write a review in a little more depth and will probably invoke the excerpt function of Moveable Type so it won't be a spoiler for those yet to read the book.

As for other tidbits... I'm enjoying my French Press coffee maker each morning. I've told Mashby, who turned me back on to French Press coffee, that I now feel like a coffee snob... drip coffee just doesn't have the same draw after rich press coffee. I plan to have a more detailed post on that this week.

I'm counting the days until the film Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King (ROTK) is released. I'm 3/4 of the way through ROTK in book form and can't wait until that film is released December 17th. In fact, if you don't mind a few potential spoilers, here's the official ROTK Quicktime trailer courtesy of my LOTR-loving friend, Andy. WOW!!

Anyway, I've enjoyed my break, which has actually made coming back even sweeter. This weekend I was looking forward to cranking out posts again. I even have a few new post ideas up my sleeve following my little hiatus. :-)


A Little Blogging Hiatus

I have a few things around here that I'd like to catch up on and get ahead of this week, so I've decided to take a little break from blogging, so I can have my lunchbreaks back. :-)

Meantime, here are a few select weblogs to have a peek at while I'm away:

Palm Addict

See y'all next week! :-)