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Mike Rohde (Color - Square)

ROHDESIGN is the website of designer Mike Rohde, who writes on design, sketching, drawing, sketchnotes, technology, travel, cycling, books & coffee.
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12 Years of Rohdesign

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Hard to believe I've been writing here on Rohdesign for 12 years. It all started as a blog to share my thinking after selling The Palm Tipsheet in 2003.

Thanks for your support al these years!

New Feature: The Rohdesign Dispatch

After 12 years, it's time to try new things. Starting today, a Rohdesign Dispatch like this will happen every 2 weeks, with an image, comments and links I've found interesting. This is an experiment, so I'd love your feedback.

Interesting Links

Honesty, Clarity and Action - Shawn Blanc talks about the common denominator between the people we admire and follow: A commitment to honesty and clarity with a bias toward action. Shawn is also working on his new book The Power of a Focus Life, which I can't wait to read.

♥ A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Tea - As a big fan of coffee, I found this post from Michael Allen Smith a helpful primer in better understanding tea, so I can explore and enjoy it fully.

♥ Free Tools in Paper by FiftyThree - I'm enjoying Paper and Pencil on my iPad from my friends at FiftyThree. Now they've made Draw, Sketch, Outline, Write, Color, and Mixer tools free in the app (formerly in-app purchases).

♥ Inquisitive #27: Behind the App #1: History - Myke Hurley has created a fascinating, story-driven, documentary-style podcast series about how apps, so integrated into our lives, came to be. Future episodes will explore how apps are made, giving listeners insight about the lives of app developers.

Say Hello!

I've especially enjoyed hearing your replies to my posts, so please say hello. The more I hear what you like (and what you don't) the better my posts will be.

For those who read to the very bottom, I'm giving away 1 pass to The Designer's Pricing Class ($200 value) from my friends at nuSchool. Reply with a comment about why you should win the class and I will choose and announce the winner in 2 weeks. Good luck!

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Bye Bye Google Reader!

IF YOU USE RSS to follow this blog, Google Reader is shuttering services on Monday, July 1.

I have already switched to Feedbin as my RSS feed sync service ($20 per year) in combination with Reeder on iPhone, iPad and the Mac.

RSS Reading/Syncing Services

There are a wide variety of RSS reading and sync services available, each with different features and benefits:

And I'm sure with a little searching, you can find more.


David Sparks and Katie Floyd have a great discussion about RSS services and readers on Mac Power Users 143.

Most important: log into your Google Reader account and export your RSS feeds via Takeout, so you have a copy of your current feeds, while you ponder a switch in services before July 1, or you'll have to start from scratch.

The RSS feed for Rohdesign: feed://


Feedburner Begone! RSS Feed Changes

DEAR READERS, I'm moving this RSS feed off of Google's Feedburner. Fortunately, the original RSS feed still works great.

To keep getting posts in via RSS feed, use this link:

What's RSS you say? read this and check out Reeder for Mac and iOS.


Fusion Ads Network Member

I'M EXCITED and to announce I've joined the Fusion Ads Network, featuring ads of excellent products and services over in the right column of the site.

Fusion ads

Thanks go to Chris Bowler, whom I met through my pal Patrick Rhone. Chris invited me to join and I'm honored to be a part of a great network of sites, featuring products and services I'm proud to share with Rohdesign readers.

Fellow Fusion Ad Network Members include many sites I read and admire, including Airbag Industries, Chris Bowler, Cocoia, Elliot Jay Stocks, Frank Chimero, Flyosity, hicksdesign, Jonathan Snook, Maxvoltar, Minimal Mac, Neven Mrgan, Phil Coffman, Shawn Blanc and The Brooks Review to name just a few.

Fellow network members added today include The Loop by Jim Dalrymple & Peter Cohen, The Sass Way with Adam Stacoviak, John W. Long and Wynn Netherland and Tools & Toys by Shawn Blanc.

Joining the Fusion Ad Network means I'll be investing more time into design and illustration process articles, essays, reviews and more, so stay tuned!

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The Rohdesign Email Newsletter

In 2010 my goal was to get back into writing again and I'm very excited to be doing so since switching to SquareSpace a few weeks back.

One goal related to more regular writing — setting up an email newsletter on MailChimp to share new posts as a free subscription service. MailChimp offers a free entry level to get started, super templates and analytics so I can see which posts are popular.

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