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Welcome Tipsheet Readers!

If you're here as a result of this month's Editor's Welcome welcome to my weblog! It's great that you've taken a moment to drop by and visit; please feel free to have a look at past postings and the rest of the rohdesign website.

If you're not a Tipsheet reader and don't happen to know the news, I've decided to step down as the editor of the Tipsheet last month. Since that announcement, I've found a new owner, publisher and editor who will continue the Palm Tipsheet after me.

Either way, I'm glad you've stopped by! I hope you like what you see. Feel free to stop by with a fresh cuppa coffee or tea now and then to see what's up. I'll be posting tibits several times a week as inspritation or good links strike.

See you soon! :-)


Vintage Hardware: Resources

Apple IEarlier this week I mentioned my love for old hardware, in particular Mac hardware and my Powerbook Duo 230. Well, I thought one way to encourage others to get some "Old Iron" cranking again would be by mention useful resources for old computers, parts and info.

First is MacResQ, a favorite company of mine. They offer both complete vintage Mac systems, parts and software for sale. Anything from old beige G3 systems to refurbished PowerBooks and parts for various machines at low prices. I especially like their weekly specials newsletter as they often offer great deals that somtimes sell out before they're noticed on the website.

For good information on old Macs, check out LowEndMac, The Pickle's Low End Mac FAQ, and Jag's House.

Apple History is a fun place to visit if you want to review old Apple hardware, all the way from the Apple I in 1976 through the Apple PowerBook G4 12" in 2003.

Lastly, check out Leander Kahney's Cult of Mac series of articles, particularly these about vintage Macs: Where Old Macs Go Off to Thrive and One Man's Retro Mac Revival, both very interesting reads.


We've Lost Mr. Rogers

Ah, some sad news came to me today... we've lost Mr. Rogers. He passed away today of cancer at age 74. He will be greatly missed.

I'll always remember Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood for the joy it brought me as a child; the encouragement to spend time in "make believe" as well as practical things learned from Mr. Rogers.

I do hope reruns of his shows continue to air, as I want to share Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood with my son Nathan when he's old enough to understand. It will be a tradition I'll be proud to pass on to him.


Vintage Hardware Several years ago

Several years ago I read an excellent Wired magazine article by Mark Frauenfelder called Never Say Die. I just came across the article again the other day after a discussion of old computer hardware with a friend of mine.

I found it fascinating that there are still loyal users and supportive user communities actively using really old computer hardware and software. I'm not talking Y2K vintage Pentium or PowerPC boxes... I'm talking seriously ancient Commodore 64s, Apple ][s, Ataris, Amigas and old NeXt cubes.

And this brings me round to the point of why I'm mentioning this story, which is, I love old hardware! I love that old computers just keep churning away, refusing to die, like my trusty '93 PowerBook Duo 230.

Well, I've been inspired. I'm going to get my little Duo working again for travel. It's small, light, goes a long time on a charge and if it's lost or stolen, no big deal. I'll keep you posted on the Duo resurrection project.

Hopefully you too will consider dusting off a bit of trustworthy old iron and get it rolling again, just to show those newfangled whippersnappers what's for! :-)


Say Cheeeez! It's aweome being a Dad!

It's aweome being a dad! Even taking into account the overall lack of sleep and extreme changes in my life's schedule, I just can't get enough of my little 3.5 month old son Nathan, especially when he gives me smiles like this! Life with Nathan is even more fun now, since he's starting to develop a personality. He's smiling and laughing much more, though I should mention he had the pouty lip face mastered within the first month. :-)