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Moveable Type

MTIt was time to move on up to Moveable Type. I think in general the weblog should work the same way, if not better than the Blogger version as MT has many, many more features that suit my current blogging needs. That's not to say Blogger isn't a great system -- it's awesome for those getting started or those who want a simple blog and blogs with specific features (like email posting found in Blogger Pro).

Anyway, if you see any wierdness, let me know. Meanwhile I'll be working to improve the weblog as I learn more about ol' MT. :-)


Gawwwleee Paw!

Bucktooth Nate
Sometimes it's the simple things in life, like bucktoothed binkies for babies. :-)

Have a great weekend!


Favorable First Impressions for Palm Tungsten C

Well, there have been a few first impressions on the Tungsten C out there -- one at and even a pretty decent newsbit and discussion at of all places! However, I came across a much more interesting in-depth "preview" of the Tungsten C by Erik Ruggels at Very nice work Erik!

It's a good sign when the Tungsten C is making very favorable first impressions -- good for both Palm and Wi-Fi lovers! :-)


Palm Tungsten C: Perfect Timing for a Wi-Fi Handheld

Tungsten CToday Palm, Inc. has announced the new Tungsten C and Zire 71. While I think the $300 Zire 71 is a solid handheld with many features that will give the Sony Clie SJ33 a run for its money, I'm even more excited about the $500 Tungsten C because it further emphasizes Wi-Fi networks.

Just imagine a small, handheld device with built-in Wi-Fi -- the Tungsten C has the potential to work as the perfect device for anyone working in a Wi-Fi environment at their business, school or at home. The Tungsten C comes with a proxy-less web browser (for direct web browsing) and the VersaMail email client (though I think SnapperMail is a better choice for email), VPN (Virtual Private Network) capabilities for secure, private connections over the net and even Colligo Meeting for scheduling group meetings over Wi-Fi.

What really amazes me is the battery life of the Tungsten C, considering it's running a 400MHz ARM chip. Palm claims "An internal rechargeable 1500mAh battery provides a full work day of consistent Wi-Fi connectivity, or a full work week of normal handheld use." -- not bad at all! Of course, as real-world users test the C, we'll see if that's an optimistic or realistic estimate.

The one drawback with the Tungsten C is the lack of Bluetooth, which makes the device much less useful for mobile wireless access via a Bluetooth phone when not around a Wi-Fi network (maybe there was no room inside the case). A Bluetooth SD card can be used, but built-in is better -- especially if you need the SD slot for storing data. Hopefully built-in Bluetooth can be added to the next version of the Tungsten C.

I see the Tungsten C as the perfect Wi-Fi device when a laptop is too much to haul around, yet you want to check email, surf the web or performing network operations wirelessly. Hopefully it'll do well and further strengthen Wi-Fi as a mainstream thing.


BusinessWeek's Wi-Fi Special Edition

BusinessWeekJust stumbled across an excellent special section on Wi-Fi over at BusinessWeek magazine online, with several very interesting articles on the Wi-Fi revolution as it relates to business.

Articles include an interview with Nicholas Negroponte (former director of MIT's Media Lab) and another article on going wireless called A Year of Living Wirelessly, among others. It's encouraging to see a mainstream publication like BusinessWeek covering Wi-Fi so thoroughly, since to me it further indicates Wi-Fi gaining critical mass and becoming more commonplace in daily life.