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Dispatch: Reprinting the Sketchnote Icon T-Shirts!

Cotton Bureau Tees 2016

The Sketchnote Icon t-shirts I created in 2014 are getting worn out because I wear them so much. I 've decided to re-print a new batch of adult and kids tees with my friends at Cotton Bureau.

Adult T-Shirts

Shirts come in Vintage Black, Midnight Blue, or Storm (purple) up to 2X in men's or women's sizes. Get 3X-5X sizes on Gildan shirts. Or choose the Heather Black pullover sweatshirt for cool nights:

Shirt orders are open through Tues April 12, 2016. Act quickly!

Kids T-Shirts

Kids can get sketchnote icon t-shirts and onesies too, with Cotton Bureau's kid's tees in black, blue, and purple:

Thank you!

Interesting Links

♥ Kathy Schlock's Guide to Everything: Sketchnoting in Education - Kathy has created a fantastic resource page on sketchnoting for educators (or anyone else for that matter).

♥ An Index of Ideas - Shawn Blanc has been creating an index of ideas in the back of the paper books he's reading. It helps him capture thoughts and ideas. You could capture the same index in a single journal for access to the ideas from every book you've read.

♥ The Perfect Journal - Author mentor Tim Grahl was frustrated with all of the notebooks he used for journaling, so he captured his specs and created a perfect journal with a 5" x 8" three-ring binder, various papers, and more. Check it out and leave feedback!

♥ Pentel EnerGel: A Comprehensive Guide - JetPens has created a fantastic resource for my favorite gel pen. If you're seeking a new pen, read this article and give Pentel Energels a try.

♥ Who needs handwriting? - This Freakonomics Radio episode covers the value of handwriting from both advocates and critics. It definitely got me thinking about the topic. via James Saretta.

♥ Sketchnote Mini-Course Survey - I'd love your feedback on the concept of focused 30 minute sketchnote video designed for mobile phones. It'll take about 2 minutes to complete the survey. Thanks!

Private Sketchnote Workshops

I've taught private sketchnote workshops at universities like Ross School of Business at The University of Michigan; agencies like mcgarrybowen in NYC; and institutions like Sibley Hospital in Washington DC. I'd love to teach your team too. Let's talk.

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