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Dispatch: A Season for Thankfulness

Today, I'm thankful for you, and your support!

November 25, 2012, it was a few days before the release of my first book, The Sketchnote Handbook. I was nervous, and excited, unsure if the book and video my team and I had spent 9 hard months crafting and creating from scratch would have an impact or not.

The Sketchnote Handbook on Press

Four years later, that book and video have became a bestseller, leading to a second bestselling book and video, The Sketchnote Workbook, a Sketchnote Typeface, and opportunities to give talks, run public and private Sketchnote Workshops, appear on podcasts, and more.

Talks workshops

You are a huge part of that success. Your support has powered my vision to share sketchnoting. Together, we’ve made an amazing impact on the world.

I’ve come across so many people who thought they couldn’t draw at all, take a first step and end up changing their lives for the better in every way.

That’s what we’ve done together.

Thank you!

Book Mention in Revenge of Analog

This week I received a copy of David Sax’s new book Revenge of Analog. On page 38, I found a mention of me and our sketchnote community! What an honor.

Revenge of Analog

Sketchnote Army Podcast: Season 2 is a Wrap

Wow, season 2 of The Sketchnote Army Podcast is done! I’ve had fantastic guests on the show in the first 2 seasons, so go have a listen!

I’m planning to launch season 3 in January 2017, with more guests and some experimental episodes around topics in the next 8 episodes.

If you're a listener, please take the Sketchnote Army Podcast survey, and let me know your thoughts about the podcast.

You can Subscribe to the Sketchnote Army Podcast on iTunes or at SoundCloud to get season 3 once it launches.

Sketchnote Icon T-Shirts in Orange!

They're back! The popular Sketchnote Icon t-shirts and crewneck sweatshirts are back for just 4 more days at Cotton Bureau (Ends Nov 29). For this new run, I've switched it up with orange and white icons on heather blue, navy blue and and gray shirts and heather blue sweatshirts.

Sketchnote Icons

Sketchnote tees orange

Interesting Links

♥ Teacher’s Graphic Novel Inspires Comic Studies Minor - YES! My buddy Nick Sousanis' graphic novel, Unflattening, which he wrote for his philosophy doctoral dissertation, has opened the door for his a Comic Studies minor at San Francisco State University. Visual thinking For The Win!

♥ How I Made Sketchnoting My Convo-Starter - Fantastic story from Chia Lin about how sketchnoting helped her not only think more clearly, but opened up opportunities as a product designer in a very competitive San Fransisco marketplace. I love it, Chia!

♥ How to Buy A Paper Notebook That Brings You Joy - Here's a comprehensive article from Joel Johnson that walks you through the process of choosing a paper notebook that's right for you. I especially found the size section helpful.

♥ Pocket Notebooks: A Comprehensive Guide - Here's another detailed buying guide to pocket notebooks from JetPens.

♥ 15 Things to Do with An Empty Sketchbook - Once you've chosen a notebook, here are 15 great ways to use it from Well Appointed Desk founder Ana Reinert.

♥ Sketchbook Skool's Hatching How-To Video - One of the key skills I use in my sketchnoting practice is hatching to achieve shading and tone when I only have a single black pen. Learn the technique, or brush up on your skills with this short video from Koosje Koene.

♥ Hand Lettering: The Beginner’s Guide - Here's a handy comprehensive overview of how to start hand lettering, including tools, techniques, and teaching, from Skillshare. Hat tip to Kent!

Private Sketchnote Workshops

I love teaching students how to sketch simply, and think visually at my Sketchnote Workshops. I've run sketchnote workshops at Drexel UniversityMarquette University, and The University of Michigan; at agencies like mcgarrybowen in NYC; and hospitals like Sibley Hospital in Washington DC.

I'd love to teach your team. Let's talk.

Send me an email or follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Instagram.

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