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Dispatch: Daily Logs & Wisconsin Workshops

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Friends, It's time to prepare your 2016 daily log. I've been logging my days in 2014 and 2015. I've found it incredibly rewarding. I stole the idea from my friend Austin Kleon. Now is the time to order a 2016 logbook!

Logging events as they happen, helps me avoid past failures at keeping a traditional diary. Of course, I miss days here and there, but I love going back and sketchnoting in the empty pages. I carry my logbook when I travel and sketchnote my experiences. See A Year of Daily Logging for details.

Order your logbook now, and hit the ground running in January:

Sketchnote Workshop: Milwaukee - Sep 26th

On Saturday September 26 I'm running a half-day workshop from 9 to noon at The Hudson Business Lounge in Milwaukee, in partnership with IDSA Wisconsin. For $75 you're get in-depth teaching and exercises in a small group setting, a sketchnote kit (pens, pencils and a notebook) and a custom Sketchnote Workshop Milwaukee t-shirt. Sign up today!

Sketchnote Mini-Workshop: Madison - Oct 6th

I'm presenting the Sketchnote Mini-Workshop on Tuesday, October 6th from 9:30-10:45 at Madison Non-Profit day. The entire event is just $75. Learn more at the Madison Non-Profilt Day website.

I teach private sketchnote workshops at places like University of Michigan, mcgarrybowen in NYC and Sibley Hospital in DC. I'd love to teach sketchnoting to your team too. Email me and let's talk.

Interesting Links

♥ Verbal to Visual Daily Videos - My pal Doug Neill is creating videos every day on YouTube. I especially love Is Sketchnoting Really Worth My Time? and How To Filter Ideas While Sketchnoting. Thanks Doug!

♥ Brain Doodles - A fantastic resource from Thomas Michaud to get you doodling and drawing. Check it out!

♥ JetPens Guide to Technical Pens - JetPens has been killing it with these great guides to pens of all kinds. This one focuses on technical pens that are great for sketchnoting and illustration.

♥ My Experience with Sketchnotes - Abhijit Bhaduri the Chief Learning Officer of Wipro in India is a huge fan of sketchnotes. This article talks about his experiences using sketchnotes in his life with lots of samples.

♥ MS Dev Show Podcast - Jason and Carl, both developers, talk with me about sketchnoting and how using it can benefit developers in learning skills and communicating ideas within teams. Listen in!

♥ NL Sketchnoting, Graphic Recording & Visual Thinking Podcast - Had a great time talking with my friend Laurens Bonnema from Holland about my life and how it's shaped me as a designer and sketchnoter. Have a listen!

♥ The Sketchnote Podcast: Season 1 Re-Released - I've re-released my Sketchnote Video Podcasts on YourTube and Vimeo. Enjoy!

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