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Dispatch: Boston, NYC & KC!

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I WAS IN BOSTON last weekend, presenting my Sketchnote Mini Workshop at Design4Drupal for a great group at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge. I had a great time with a very welcoming community—the mini workshop was a hit with the crew. Thanks to Dani Nordin for making it happen!

On Tuesday, August 18th I'm teaching a private sketchnote workshop in NYC for a local agency. I'm excited to get back to NYC after my first visit in 2014.

I'm in Kansas City on Friday morning, August 28th to give a free talk in collaboration with my friends Coffee & Design.

On Saturday, August 29th, I'm leading an all-day Sketchnote Workshop for $75 per student. If you're in Kansas City, grab these tickets—they will go fast.

Did you know I teach private sketchnote workshops at places like University of Michigan and Takeda Pharmaceuticals? I'd love to teach sketchnoting to your team too. Email me and let's talk.

Interesting Links

Betabook - This is such a great idea: a small whiteboard in the form of a sketchbook, complete with elastic strap, eraser and marker inside. I backed this project and LOVE my small Betabook so much, I ordered the large Betabook Pro (shipping in October 2015). Check it out.

♥ Guide to Drafting Pencils - I'm a fan of drafting pencils for concept sketching. Jet Pens teaches you about these pencils, so you can understand how they work, and which one might suit you best.

♥ Inside the Studio: Design a Secret Society Bandana with Jon Contino - Fascinating video from Skillshare featuring illustrator and designer, Jon Contino. Jon shares his design and illustration process for a silkscreened bandana. I love seeing creative processes in fine detail.

♥ Visual Notetaking & Science: Rob Dimeo’s Sketchnotes - A great piece from Richard Wilkinson at NIST Center for Neutron Research on Rob Dimeo's use of sketchnotes to capture complex scientific presentations. Go Rob!

♥ Why Startups Love Moleskines - Insights on why analog tools like Moleskines are surviving and thriving in high-tech startups.

♥ 5 Big Benefits Of Being A Doodler - Huffington Post writer Anna Almendrala shares 5 reasons doodling benefits you. Good stuff!

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