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The Dispatch: Springtime and Sketchnoting

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IT'S SPRING in Milwaukee — winter is finally over!

Regardless of weather, I've been busy teaching sketchnote workshops. In March, I taught at The University of Michigan and at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. On Saturday, April 11th, I'll lead two workshops at The Skillery in Nashville (sign up here). I'm in Prague, Czech Republic, April 25-26th, keynoting and leading a sketchnote workshop at the iCON Conference.

Interested in having me teach a sketchnote workshop at your business or university? Send me a note and let's talk.

Sketchnote Handbook in Chinese and Czech

The Sketchnote Handbook is impacting more of he world too. Chinese and Czech editions were released this spring. It's great to see people encouraged to sketchnote in languages I don't even understand.

The Sketchnote Handbook Chinese Edition The Sketchnote Handbook Czech Edition

Interesting Links

Sketchnoting: An Engineer's Approach - A helpful article on sketchnoting from engineer Chiu-Ki Chan. I love how she reframed the challenge of sketchnoting away from being able to draw perfectly, and toward creating simple objects and embracing constraints.

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard - Fascinating research studies revealed the advantages of longhand over laptop note-taking. Studies showed students who took hand-written notes processed ideas better and gained a deeper understanding, while students typing notes on keyboards tended to transcribe lectures verbatim, with a shallower grasp of ideas.

The Benefits of No-Tech Note Taking - Here's an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education related to handwritten vs. laptop notes. One year after banning students from taking notes on laptops, a professor Carol E. Holstead reports on the results of her ban.

5 Drawing Exercises That Will Turn Anyone Into An Artist - Exercises to get you drawing, doodling and thinking visually from Emily Potts.

Getting Practical: 3 Ways Writers Can Use Sketchnotes - Writer Cheryl Reifsnyder offers 3 ways sketchnotes can help writers: idea mapping, character arc mapping and story detail mapping. Great applications!

Pencil vs. Pixel Podcast: Analog Note Taking - A new podcast episode on analog note-taking from Cesar Contreras, featuring interviews with me, Joey Cofone of Baron Fig, and Gabriel Shalom of Betabook.

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