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Dispatch: Sketchnote Workbook in Russian!

Sketchnote Workbook in Russian

Это здесь! The Sketchnote Workbook in Russian is out! I'm excited to see new translations of my books. Mann-Ivanov-Ferber did a fantastic job translating the book, right down to the text on individual sketchnotes!.

Talking Sketchnotes on The Portfolio Life Podcast

This week, my interview on Portfolio Life with writer and podcaster, Jeff Goins released. We talked sketchnotes and how I try to balance my workday as a UX designer with sketchnoting activities. Have a listen and leave comments!

Sketchnote Mini-Workshop Video

I recently presented The Sketchnote Mini-Workshop at Madison Non-Profit Day, and my friends at Field 59 captured it on video.

Did you know I teach private sketchnote workshops at places like University of Michigan, mcgarrybowen NYC and Sibley Hospital in DC? I'd love to teach sketchnoting to your team too. Interested? Let's talk.

Interesting Links

♥ How to Break In a Hardcover Notebook - Ryder Carroll, the creator of the Bullet Journal method shares great tips, including this gem: a simple way to prep your hardcover notebooks so their bindings won't crack.

♥ Doodling, Sketching and ‘Mind Mapping’ as Learning Tools - A New York Times piece about the benefits of sketchnoting for learning. Awesome!

♥ Sketchnotes for Visual Thinking in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) - This article from Nicolai Marquardt and Saul Greenberg from University of Calgary's Department of Computer Science, show how integrating sketchnotes into interaction designers’ everyday practice facilitates visual thinking, sense making, reflection, application of ideas, sketching practice, and sharing.

♥ Be More Productive With Just A Pen And Paper - Productivityist's Mike Dariano shares a simple, practical method using index cards and the Dash/Plus System to improve your productivity.

♥ Fountain Pen Nib Infographic - Pen Chalet has created a supremely detailed infographic that explains everything you'll ever need to know about fountain pen nibs and how they work.

♥ JetPens Guide to Pencil Hardness - Another fantastic piece from JetPens on pencil hardness grades and where each one is best used.

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