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The Sketchnote Workbook Update 8 - Sketching Wrapped! New Sketchnote Icon T-Shirt Available

HALFWAY DONE! This weekend I was able to complete the sketching phase of The Sketchnote Workbook. It was a long, tough process but rewarding when I put the last pencil stroke on the last page of my sketches.

Type sketchHand sketch
Faces sketch

While sketches are not a completed book, they are the map that helps me figure out how to fit everything I want into the pages and what to illustrate to make that happen.

I’m planning to create a separate printed book and PDF ebook from the pencil sketches I did for The Sketchnote Workbook and one for the Handbook, too. If you’re interested in either or both of these books, [please let me know](

### Inking Up Next
Now that the book has been completely sketched out, I’ll ink up all of the elements I need to build the pages, using the sketches as my map.

I’ll be capturing the inking process with a short video, much like I did in [update 7](, to share in a future update, so look for that and wish me luck as I ink!

### Sketchnote Icon T-Shirts at Cotton Bureau
I’ve taken the design from the sweatshirt I’m wearing in the Sketchnote Workbook video and have created a two-color aqua and white version on dark gray tri-blend shirts at Cotton Bureau:

MikeRohde Sketchnotes

The shirts will be available to order for just 10 more days, so act quickly to order yours. Pricing is $24 + $5 shipping anywhere in the US or $10 shipping to Canada and Europe. Order now!

### Mailing List
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### Pre-Order!
It really helps me out if you pre-order The Sketchnote Workbook at Amazon. It ensures your copy is delivered as soon as it's ready, and it gives Peachpit a decent idea of how popular the book will be. Win-win!

Sketchnote Workbook

Thanks again for following along.