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The Sketchnote Workbook Update 5 - Video Shoots & Sketches Ahead

THIS PAST MONTH WAS A BLUR. I’ve flown to Texas for workshops in San Antonio and at SXSW in Austin, have completed the Workbook’s manuscript, and have shot two of nine videos.

I feel behind, but that’s good. It keeps me cranking.

Sketches are next, along with scripting and shooting seven more videos in March and early April. Brian Artka will take the raw footage, shaping it into a cohesive story for our May video deadline.

Video Shoots

The last two weeks I’ve been on location at Milwaukee’s Stone Creek Factory, shooting scripts written by Gabe Wollernburg with Brian, my video storytelling Jedi master. Footage and b-roll for chapter 5: Sketchnoting Documentation and chapter 6: Sketchnoting Travel Experiences are done. Seven shoots are left.

Brian cam
ScriptsBrian shooting

We’re having a great time capturing these videos. You’re going love the on-location, documentary style we’re using to tell the story of this video series.

Final tour
High shotPourover sketchnotes
Lotta booksThats a wrap

This will be a 2-hour video, heavy on actual sketching and helpful tips, with just enough of me on camera to set the stage. I can’t wait to see the final videos.

Follow the video shoots in pictures on Instagram or my Flickr photostream,

Sketches Ahead

For this stage, I’ll use the approved manuscript to lay out the entire book, page by page, as pencil sketches.

This worked great for the Handbook. In fact, it’s pretty amazing how similar my pencil sketches look, compared to the final, printed book. The sketching stage is critical for the inking and production, which follow it.

Chapter 4 Sketch

Final Chapter 4 Spread

I’ll use printed templates from the Handbook to sketch out the pages. Looseleaf sheets let me move book pages around as needed and when I run out of templates, I can print more.

A book map is also created to help me see the book at a high level and lets me determine where I may need to add or subtract pages within each chapter.


Sketching is hard, but a ton of fun. With the established design I’ll inherit from the Handbook, I’m hoping I can keep pace with my very tight schedule.


Yes, you can pre-order The Sketchnote Workbook at Amazon. That's the best way to ensure your copy is delivered as soon as it's ready.

Go, Go, Go!

I have to keep the Sketchnote Workbook train rolling, so it’s time to get back to work. Thanks for following the process. I'll update you again soon!

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