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UX Mad: A New User Experience Conference in the Heartland


I'M TAKING A LITTLE BREAK from Sketchnote Handbook news to tell you about a new conference you might like to check out. I'll be back to book updates in a week or two.

If you've followed me for a while, you know there are two things I'm passionate about — design and the beautiful state of Wisconsin. As it turns out, this summer both worlds are aligning at UXMad — a brand new user experience conference in Madison, Wisconsin happening July 19th through the 21st.

Escape to Wisconsin

The Capitol, Madison, WI

I was involved in helping brand the extremely popular Madison Ruby conference last year and through the process got to know Jim and Jen Remsik, who are just as passionate about Wisconsin and love to throw amazing conferences in Madison, their hometown.

Jim and Jen always say that Madison is a city that's easy to fall in love with, all they have to do was play matchmaker — I agree. Summer is especially glorious in Madison, from the restaurants and bars to the farmer's market surrounding the state capitol building. it's a superb spot for a summer conference.

Learn Stuff, Meet People, Have Fun!

But beyond a beautiful, fun setting, UXMad is about learning new things in user experience design and connecting with others in the field. That's where Jim and Jen's experience with MadisonRuby, BizConf and LeanStartupMachine events come into play — they know how to organize events for real people.

Personally, I find smaller conferences more inviting and interesting, because it's easier to meet people. Connecting and gaining new friends is a big part of a good conference for me. Some of my best friends were made at conferences.

Even better, Jim and Jen know how to throw parties, so you'll have lots of opportunities to meet like-minded UX people while in Madison.


They've brought together a wide variety of voices to UX Mad, presenting ideas being discussed right now in UX communities around the world.

Speakers include Russ Unger, Andrew Maier, Jina Bolton, Dale Sande, Peter Corbett, Jeanne Carpenter, Jeanne Carpenter, Nathan Greenawalt, Jessie Shternshus, Carl Smith, Chris Coyier, Andrew Wintheiser, Shay Howe, Susan Weinschenk, Jonathan Baran, Joshua Garity, Jon Hadden, Craig Culver, Craig Culver, Hampton Catlin, Michael Parenteau and Todd Larsen.

Whew, that's quite the line-up!

Pricing and $50 Off

UX Mad is a steal — 3 days of conference and a workshop in Madison for just $399. If your time is limited, you can do the workshop alone for $149, and if you just want the conference, that's $299.

Jim and Jen have given me a code to save you $50 on whatever combination of conference or workshop interests you — use code rohde50 at checkout to save some money for pizza and some good stuff at the farmer's market!

As I write this post I'm bummed, because I've already got a family vacation planned for that very weekend, or I would be going to Madison myself. At least I can help others to experience UX Mad in my place.

Now, go check out UX Mad and register!

Photo: Steven Fettig