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The $100 Startup Illustrations

$100 Startup: Cover 2

A BOOK ILLUSTRATION opportunity came along last September I could not pass up. Chris Guillebeau reached out to me after seeing and hearing about my REWORK illustrations for 37signals and Crown.

Chris was seeking my help in conveying the ideas in his second book, The $100 Startup, which just released this Tuesday. I accepted the project and had a great time working with Chris, bringing his writing to life with illustrations.

In celebration of the launch, I'm sharing a selection of illustrations from the book here. To see the entire set of illustration photos, visit The $100 Startup Flickr Set.

The best option? Buy your own copy of The $100 Startup — it's great book.

$100 Startup: Intro Page $100 Startup: Intro Page Closeup $100 Startup: Chapter 1 Closeup $100 Startup: Chapter 8 $100 Startup: Chapter 9 Detail $100 Startup: Chapter 10 $100 Startup: Chapter 10 Chart $100 Startup: Chapter 12 $100 Startup: Chapter 12 Chart 2 $100 Startup: Chapter 13

Thanks Chris!