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The Sketchnote Handbook: Update 12 - Free Chapter 4 PDF!

I'M EXCITED to share something new today you're going to love — a free PDF sample download of The Sketchnote Handbook!

Chapter 4

The free PDF sample includes front matter — praise, copyright, dedication, acknowledgments, about the author, table of contents, and the introduction. It also includes all of Chapter 4 "The Sketchnoting Process" featuring two sketchnoters — Eva Lotta Lamm and Michelle George, and the complete index.

Go ahead! Grab your copy of this free download, so you can get an idea of how the book turned out. I'm convinced once you see the book sample, you won't be able to stop yourself from pre-ordering the book. :-)

If you choose to pre-order from Peachpit, use the code SKETCHNOTE for 35% off the book's price, shipping and anything else you buy from When you buy through my link, I get a 10% author's referral reward.

Book Launch Party - Thursday December 6th

If you're near Milwaukee and would like to come to the launch party, please RSVP. The event is happening Thursday, December 6th from 5:30-8:30 PM at Translator, 415 E Menomonee Street in Milwaukee's Third Ward.

Video shoot in progress

We're serving soup, bread, butter, crackers and Milwaukee Brewing Company beer and other non-alcoholic refreshments, then I'll teach some sketchnoting techniques you can try out during Len Kendall's presentation.

We'll share our sketchnote work and I'll be selling and signing books to complete the night.

The first 20 who RSVP and show up at the event first, will receive a free, signed copy of the book. I'm emphasizing both RSVP and showing up to claim the book, to make sure everyone on the list has a fair shot.

"Success is Being There" Article

Today also marked the release of a new interview of me by Lisa Walker-England called Success is Being There at JourneyCraft.

Lisa and I sat down for an interview a few weeks ago, and I had a great time describing what brought me to sketchnoting and how the release of my new book is the culmination of 5 years hard work. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"To put it simply, he was good at “being there.” Mike’s consistent attendance at conferences with the same speakers, sketchnotes in hand, eventually to his illustrating REWORK. Faithful execution on that project led to more illustration gigs and finally to his opportunity at Peachpit."

I think the piece turned out great — thanks Lisa!

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