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SXSW Interactive 2011 Panel Picker: Visual Note-Taking 201

It's SXSW Interactive 2011 Panel Picker time!

I've proposed a session for Visual Note-Taking 201, featuring the same crew of good friends from Visual Note-Taking 101 — Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and Austin Kleon, to talk about more advanced techniques.

Vote for our panel today!

Here are more details:

Visual Note-Taking 201

In Visual Note-Taking 101, Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, Austin Kleon and Mike Rohde shared their unique approaches to visual note-taking, teaching their own visual note-taking techniques to a packed house. The audience drew along during this interactive session, learning visual note-taking techniques on the spot.

In Visual Note-Taking 201, the same team of visual note-takers will share their advanced visual note-taking techniques. They will share ideas on capturing complex and abstract ideas on paper, in clear understandable ways.

Once again, the audience can draw along, learning new techniques on the spot. In this interactive session you will learn how to create infographic style visual notes, embedding rich meaning into simple and understandable packages of information.

Panelists will share their approaches to listening and information processing when capturing live notes, suggest their preferred tools of the trade and talk about effective ways to share visual notes once they've been captured.

This panel will also feature an extended Q&A time to answer questions from the audience on best practices for visual note-taking and challenges audience members may have faced in their own visual note-taking experiences.

Questions Answered

  • How can I capture complex ideas simply and effectively?
  • How are visual notes like infographics?
  • How can I learn to 'cache' and manage information when doing live visual notes?
  • What are some recommended supplies I can use? (e.g. pens, pencils, markers, paper, books, etc.)
  • What are ways I can share my visual notes? (e.g. Flickr, Twitter, etc.)


SXSWi 2010 Visual Note-Taking 101 Panel with audio & slides (from Austin Kleon).
Tracy Muller's experience at at Visual Note-Taking 101
SXTXSTATE article on Visual Note-Taking 101
Charlotte Hillenbrand's experience at Visual Note-Taking 101
The Conversation Podcast 20 - Visual Thinking (with Dave Gray, Sunni Brown and I)
The Big Web Show 16 with Sunni Brown, featuring Jeffery Zeldman & Dan Benjamin

Please go vote for Visual Note-Taking 201!
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