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Meeting Steward Sketchnote Illustration

The Basics of Meeting Stewardship Illustrsation

Today I received a nice surprise: a copy of Associations Now magazine in the mail with my latest sketchnote illustration appearing on page 57.

In September I was commissioned by the magazine to create an illustration to complement an article by Jeff Hurt on the basics and benefits of bringing a meeting steward for meeting planning.

In 2009 I was hired to illustrate a cover and feature story on Visual Thinking. The Associations Now staff and their readers loved the sketchnote style, so when I had a chance to create a follow-up piece, it made sense to follow a winning formula.

I was given the space of a single magazine page for my art — either the top of two pages for a horizontal piece or a single full page for a more vertical piece.

Concept Sketches

First I did some pencil sketching to figure out elements I wanted to use and to figure out the best format — either horizontal or vertical.

In the sketch below you'll see I began playing with elements from the article text in a horizontal format. I really liked the feel but was feeling that I would need too much space vertically, even in a horizontal format to make the flow work right.

Meeting Steward Concept Sketch - Wide

Since I liked the detail of this sketch, I drew up another concept to work out how the same elements would look on a single page, in a vertical format:

Meeting Steward Concept Sketch - Full Page

This seemed to work better from a flow perspective as you can see on the right page as I mapped out how generally the eye should be drawn across the illustration.


Once I had the direction, I started by laying down light pencil shapes on paper at actual size and then inked in elements of the piece. After the ink dried, I erased the underlying pencil and scanned in the art to modify for production in Photoshop.

I wanted to add a little color to the piece, though I really liked the cream and black look I've developed for my sketchnote art. I decided to add warm red highlights specifically to the arrows, as a way to draw the reader's eyes through flow of the conference imagery.

The Basics of Meeting Stewardship Illustrsation

Final art was sent to Associations Now and worked great for the article. As a side benefit, the art director was able to reuse arrow art for feature quotes on the following pages to carry the theme all the way through the article.

You can read the online version of the article at Associations Now magazine.