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Visual Note-Taking 101 Webinar: Tuesday, May 12th 2009

SXSWi 2009: Sketchnotes: 10 MinutesI'm always excited to see others inspired to use the sketchnoting technique I've developed and have been refining the past few years.

So, when I was invited to present sketchnoting techniques alongside my good friends Austin Kleon, Sunni Brown and Dave Gray in a 3 hour live webinar — I immediately jumped at the opportunity!

Visual Note-Taking 101 Details

Next Tuesday, May 12th from 11:00 AM to 2 PM Eastern, Austin, Sunni and I will present Visual Note-Taking 101. It's a 3 hour live webinar for $99, and that price includes the live event AND access to the complete recording for later reference.

Register today for Visual Note-Taking 101!

Here's an overview of next Tuesday's 3 hour webinar:

Ever since Leonardo put pen to paper, visual note-taking has been a route to improve the quality of your thinking, make information more memorable, and make your ideas easier to share with others.

Learn practical techniques and “tricks of the trade” from modern visual note-taking masters Mike Rohde, Sunni Brown and Austin Kleon. In this three-hour course you will learn how to use visual note-taking to improve your listening skills and take better, more memorable notes.

The focus of this class will be on how to write, sketch, and diagram ideas live, in real time, as you hear them. Many of the techniques you will learn will also help to improve your skills in drawing your ideas at the flip chart or whiteboard.

Here's a detailed outline of what the three of us will present next Tuesday:

Section 1 – Austin Kleon will present “But I can’t draw!”

  • Addressing your fears of the pen, and rediscovering the ancient, universal childhood pleasure of putting pictures and words on paper
  • Exploring drawing not as fine art, but as a communication tool
  • Establishing a drawing alphabet and learning some basic cartooning techniques
  • Doing fun activities: “How to draw a stick figure” and “How to draw a face”
  • Building our very own icon library for note-taking

Section 2 – Sunni Brown will present “Learning Active Listening”

  • What is “active listening” and how is it different than “regular” listening?
  • A graphic recorder’s approach to active listening – how to listen effectively to multiple sources, fast talkers and ramblers
  • What to listen for and what to filter out
  • How to “cache” what you’re hearing so you can capture it on paper

Section 3 – Mike Rohde will present “Sketchnoting Techniques”

  • The importance of focus & engagement in capturing presentations
  • Learning to become a filter of ideas rather than a word-by-word stenographer of every last detail
  • Techniques for getting into the flow, to help you capture better sketchnotes
  • Getting personal with sketchnotes — letting your personality shine through
  • How to use recorded podcasts and videos for sketchnoting practice (with a demo of sketchnoting a podcast live)
Materials Needed: paper and pen/pencil

Register for Visual Note-Taking 101

I'm very excited about this event and the opportunity to share detail about the process I use to capture sketchnotes. If you have an interest in learning the note-taking techniques of Austin Kleon, Sunni Brown or myself, please Register today!

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