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Twittersourced Earphone Recommendations

earphone-request.pngA few weeks ago, I needed advice on earphones I could wear to bed that were comfortable, portable and reasonably priced.

I was curious to see the response I'd get from Twitter, so I publicly sought my followers' recommendations on Twitter.

Here is the complete collection of @replies and Direct Messages received with recommendations and links:

bernardgomez Been using a pair of Vibe Duos for over a year now. Build quality is good but tough to work out in. Decent iPhone integration. 7.5/10

knight777 waffling between Shure 530s, Westone UM2, Westone 3 - yeah, expensive indeed :( Looking forward to your writeup!

knight777 btw, I went with the Westone 3s.

heygabe JVC Gummies. For $10, You can't go wrong.

jparato Have you tried Skullcandy headphones? I don't own a pair personally, but I've heard they're decent.

danhhoang I go with the apple premium headphones. I use tons of headphones and I think those sound the best. Just pricey. Next is sony MDR-EX71SL

jburdine @rohdesign just picked up iCover earbuds with an online mic to use w/my Touch and Skype for the iPhone

jburdine @rohdesign I'm really happy with my $25 Sony earbuds.

topmuffin @rohdesign NuForce NE-7M Stereo Earphones got these 3 mnths ago & they beat every headset I've ownd. Not sure about sleeping w/ them. #iphone #headsets

toddclausen @rohdesign don't really like sound quality of earbuds, but fav is Shure SE115s with foam earpieces like a hearing protector

bjhess @rohdesign Shure e2c's sound great, but ear buds tire my ears out so I've given up on them.

jabbott @rohdesign I've been really happy with UE 5 EBs for the past couple years. I use them almost daily,

bnyquist @rohdesign - I have had the Bose earbud headphones for nearly 2 years now and love them. Great sound, great fit.. but a little expensive.

schutzsmith @rohdesign i really like the skull candy earbuds. they're cheap too, like $15 and they are hella loud!

cdharrison @rohdesign Skullcandy Smokin Buds are what I currently use. I love em.

andykant @rohdesign I've been using Ultimate Ears 3's for a while and have been very happy with them.

bartka @rohdesign these earbud headphones are excellent: BOSE in-ear Headphones

davidhughes @rohdesign Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pros - I'd no idea earphones could sound so good!

adny @rohdesign I've not owned or used too many cans $100+, but really like the beyerdynamic DT-770's and sennheiser hd600's, fwiw.

adny @rohdesign best earbuds under $50, v-moda bassfreq - best $50 - $150 etymotic i6, imo. best cans under $100, sennheiser hd 280 pro.

drstout @rohdesign These headphones (Pioneer HDJ-2000) are expensive, bulky and you'll never fall asleep wearing them. But they're damn cool.

Arlen @rohdesign I sleep in Koss Plugs, under $20, fairly comfortable, goos sound. Koos also makes some KEB24r's that look good, never tried them.

NathanBowers @rohdesign I have and like Shure EC3 earbuds and over ear Sennheiser cans. Not sure what it's like to sleep with them. #cordDeath

steventrotter @rohdesign Skullcandy FMJ

I ended up buying Sony MDR-EX32s. They had a good frequency response and are quite comfortable. For my main listening though, I have used Koss PortaPros for years and love 'em!

Thanks Twitterfolk for your suggestions! I hope this is helpful to others seeking earphones.

Reader Comments (2)

Panasonic RP-HJE300

The offset earport and low profile driver on these buds make it a great 'ear fit' and you don't feel them at all when you're laying on your side. lol.. they sound great too.
April 5, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjim
Thanks for the suggestion Jim!
April 6, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMike Rohde

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