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Tour de France 2007 Info List

Here's an updated collection of Tour 2007 info:

Tour Websites

Tour de France Official Website

Tour 2007 General Classification

Tour 2007 Stages

Tour 2007 Route

Versus: Tour de France 2007

Versus: Tour TV Schedule (US)

OLN: Tour TV Schedule (Canada)

ITV: Tour Live Coverage (UK)

Eurosport Tour Coverage

The Daily Peleton


TDF Teams (

NY Times


Steephill Live Dashboard


Tour Bloggers


Martin Dugard (Paper Kenyan)

Martin Dugard (

Freddie Rodriquez

Bobby Julich

Bruce Hildenbrand

Chris Carmichael

Ronan Pensec

Peleton Blog


Wannabe Bike Girl

Velogal's Race Blog

TDF For the Rest of Us


Podium Cafe


TDFblog on Twitter

DailyTour on Twitter

Streaming & Video

Eurosport (Windows Media Audio)

Le Grande Boucle (Combo of text and other Tour infos)

Sporza Tour (Belgian) guide to Live Streaming & Info

Official TdF Channel (YouTube)


Bicycling Magazine Podcast |
iTunes | RSS

ITV TDF Podcast | iTunes

FredCast Daily Tour Podcast | iTunes | RSS

BikeRadar TDF Podcast | iTunes


Tour Fever by J.P. Partland

Tour de France Quiz Book by John DT White (For trivia lovers!)

iPhone Apps

BlueFlavor Leaflets: Le Tour de France

Tour Palm OS Apps

DeepWeb's LeTour2007 (English, with Datebook support & Wireless features)

Ullrich Riepert's TdF 2007 (French & German, elevation charts, jersey winner DB)


Graham Watson's Tour Photos

If you have additional resources to share: websites, blogs. etc., please let me know, so I can keep this list updated. Send me an email with "TDF" in the subject line.

Reader Comments (4)

Hey, thanks for these links. Where I'm at right now, they actually broadcast the TdF locally free over the air (as well as on cable, of course). But, the TV signals are now digital here (not analog anymore) and I don't have a DVB-T tuner for the TV in my office. Now, I can watch it on my PC while I, uh, work and I won't have to fight my daughter in the afternoons for the TV hooked up to the cable. This'll be great.
July 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterScott_H
Well, scratch part of my earlier comment. With the recent announcement that one of T-Mobile's riders had tested positive for elevated testosterone levels from a blood test before the Tour, both local OTA TV stations have announced the indefinite suspension of their TdF coverage. Now, it's only available via cable.

Fortunately, the NOS stream works. Unfortunately, it's in Dutch (I think). I can deal with German, French, and Spanish, but not Dutch (someone told me that Dutch sounds like a Drunken Brit trying to speak German -- which is sort of what the commentary sounds like now).

Hmmm, maybe I can play the NOS video stream in WMP and an English audio stream in VLC...

Star tuned.
July 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterScott_H
I would suggest the Eurosport WMV stream -- I enjoyed listening to that when I couldn't access OLN (now Versus) last year and quite enjoyed the call.
July 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMike Rohde
Just added Cycling TV -- they have a nice flash-based recap feature on the free side.
July 18, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMike Rohde

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