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SOLD! AlphaSmart Dana Wireless Laptop Alternative

UPDATE 2006-03-06: Well that was quick! Thanks go to Paul T., who emailed at 11:30 CST and bought the Dana Wireless package! Hard to believe it was only posted around 7 this morning. :-)

If you are interested in a Dana or Dana Wireless device, feel free to email me here, as I know a few friends who might have one or two available for sale. I can't guarantee anything, but I can certainly see what my connections have in the way of gently used Dana and Dana Wireless devices.

It's spring cleaning at Rohdesign! Since my readership includes many tech people, I wanted to offer my extra gadgets here first.

Today I'm offering my AlphaSmart Dana Wireless package for $300:

Dana Wireless: Package
(click the image to see the detailed Flickr notes)

This versatile and unique device is a great writing tool. Even better, it has super-long battery life. I've had about 16 hours use from the Dana when WiFi is deactivated (for writing). I did an IRC chat test, with the WiFi fully active, and got about 7 hours.

The Dana Wireless can send pages to printers with a dedicated USB port for this purpose (1 of 2 USB ports), act as a keyboard on a PC or Mac and sync as any good Palm OS device can. It even has dual SD card slots, so you can have more than one SD card in use at a time.

Features include:
• Palm OS 4.1.2
• Very nice full keyboard with special action function keys
• 560x160 pixel grayscale LCD widescreen with backlight
• Long-lasting rechargeable battery (can be replaced by 3 AAs in a jam)
• WiFi 802.11b wireless
• Dual USB ports
• Dual SD card slots
• IR port

Useful, Flexible and Mobile
I've found the Dana useful for mobile email, IRC, IM chat, and especially for writing. It comes with AlphaWord, a variant of Wordsmith, that takes advantage of the wide screen and has a special "Send" function that can fire your written text via USB cable to any text editor window on your PC or Mac.

Condition & Added Items
The Dana Wireless is in great shape, as I've sparingly and lovingly used it for writing, email, chat and even a little web browsing. It comes with original CDs, power supply, USB cable, and manuals. I'm throwing in a 64MB SD card and a Wetsuit 2.0 case for easy carrying to the cafe.

Reviews of the Dana Wireless
Greg Gaub (The Gadgeteer)
Shawn Barnett (Pen Computing Magazine)
Vern Seward (Mac Observer)
Catherine Roseberry ( Mobile Office Technology)
Vikki Lipset (WiFiPlanet)
IT Reviews

I'm asking $300 for the Dana Wireless and all of the extra gear; retail for the Dana Wireless is $429. If you're interested, drop me a line with "Dana Wireless" in the subject line to work out the details.

I'd love to see the Dana go where it can find many years of productive use. :-)

Reader Comments (4)

Mike,I'm definitely interested. Was looking for one just this week. Coincidence?Hellene
April 6, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterHellene
I'll be in touch Hellene about other folks I know who may have Dana Wireless devices for sale as well, since you were the 2nd inquiry after Paul, you get first shot at whatever I might turn up. :-)
April 6, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMike Rohde
HiInterested in a Dana Wireless - don't need a bunch of stuff with it as I'm loaded with Palm software for my Handspring Prism.Eric
April 7, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterEric Nelson
Thanks Eric, I've already emailed you directly with info on a seller. Hope it works out for you two. :-)
April 10, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMike Rohde

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