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Serving in Belize: July 2007

mike_gail.jpgI've had many wonderful opportunities to visit and spend time with friends in interesting places.

Travel has provided memories I'll treasure for a lifetime, and looking back, I believe travel has fundamentally changed my viewpoint, thinking and life for the better.

So, as you might imagine, I'm always interested in travel experiences.

This July 7th, my wife Gail and I will help lead a team of 31 adults and high school students from Meadowbrook Church, to serve the people of Belize, Central America. We're both excited about this opportunity to follow Jesus' example of loving God through service and love for others.

St. Margaret's Village, Belize
We'll be serving one week in St. Margaret's Village, a mountain town in central Belize. We're partnering with a local church, visiting orphanages and hospitals, belize.jpgplaying sports with local kids, light construction work around the town, giving guitar lessons and leading church services.

As the departure day approaches, I'm realizing just how much of an impact this trip will have on our lives and the lives of our students.

Belize is a fascinating Central American country, located just south of Mexico and East of Guatemala on the Caribbean Sea. Belize has the 2nd largest Barrier Reef in the world, and because of a British colonial heitage, is the only English speaking country in Central America.

Belizean culture belize-map-sm.gifhas a strong Caribbean influence, even though the country is located in Central America. People of Belize consists of different 9 main ethnic groups, including Creole, East Indian, Euro-Americans, Garifuna, Mestizo, Mennonite, Mopan, Kekchi, and Yucatec Mayas.

Prayer & Partnership
We invite you to pray for our team, as we prepare for the trip. We want our team to be open and ready to serve. We ask for safe travels to and from Belize, and that our team would have a positive impact on the people of Belize and they on us.

If you're interested in partnering financially, we welcome your support. We're raising about $1,800 per person for the trip, so every dollar brings us closer to our goal. If this interests you, feel free to use the button below, to donate:

Or, if you prefer sending in a tax-exempt donation, send it to my church directly:

Belize Youth Mission Trip Donations
Meadowbrook Church
1025 North 70th Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Travelogues & Sketches
Finally, those who know me, know I can't resist writing travelogues and sketching while I travel — I intend to do both on the Belize trip and provide reports here on the blog of my experiences.

I can't wait! :-)

Reader Comments (3)

Nice Mike! Very generous of you and your wife to travel so many miles to help people.

I'm heading to Belize myself in June -- though my trip is a vacation. I'll be exploring their barrier reef with my father for his 70th birthday.

I can't wait to read your travelogues and see your sketches from the trip. It'll be interesting to compare & contrast the mountain region with the barrier reef islands.

I've never been there before, but I've heard so many great things. I'm very much looking forward to the experience as well.
April 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterJon Trainer
You are going to love the countryCheers.Chinchorrero
April 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterChinchorrero
Jon � Wow, what a coincidence! Sounds like a great time with your dad � good to hear you are making time for him. :-)

I'm looking forward to a full report on Belize, so I can be prepared for it... June and July are coming up quick!

Chinchorrero � I am excited about the country, I hear from everyone that it is just beautiful!
April 20, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMike Rohde

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