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A Tasty Selection of Podcasts

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy personally and at work, but I have had time to hear some great podcasts while I've worked and played. With a post here overdue, I wanted to share a few podcasts with you.

Tech Nation: The Coming China Wars
This interviewThe Coming China Wars by Dr. Moira Gunn of Peter Navarro, professor of business at UC Irvine School of Business, and author of The Coming China Wars, covers some interesting and not-often known aspects about China. Their discussion touches on environmental issues, dam projects, counterfeit goods manufacture, health care issues, AIDS epidemics, blood scandals and more. A fascinating 2-part podcast:
The Coming China Wars, Part I
The Coming China Wars, Part II

The Illustrative Designer: Tommy Kane
tommykane.jpgVon Glitschka's excellent discussion with the inspiring artist Tommy Kane was a real treat. Turns out Tommy is an Art Director in NYC who just loves to draw, and man, can Tommy draw! I love his style, as my sketchtoon style is vaguely similar. In fact, this discussion has encouraged me to dust off my Moleskine sketchbook and get back to sketching for 2007. Listen and be encouraged:
Von Glitschka's Interview with Tommy Kane

IT Conversations: Thomas Malone
731.jpgThomas' talk discussion from Accelerating Change 2005 on The Future of Work was interesting, especially since I work remotely from my home office with distributed colleagues and clients around the world. Tom talked quite a bit about changes toward giving workers more freedom and flexibility to make decisions, and low-cost communications which are driving so many changes. Also check out his "Perspective" talk from 2004:
Thomas Malone: The Future of Work
Thomas Malone: Perspective

Simply Digital: Chris Dunphy
1253168.jpgMy good friend Michael Ashby's Simply Digital Podcast features someone I know from my days in the Palm OS User Council, Chris Dunphy. What makes this interview so interesting is how Chris, having left PalmSource, sold and gifted most of his worldly possessions to buy a TAB trailer, a Jeep Liberty, a MacBook and other tech gear to live a tech-nomad's life. In the interview, Chris talks about the shift to his new lifestyle, and even his portable airplane. It's challenging and encouraging to see Chris live this way, yet have everything he needs.
Simply Digital: Chris Dunphy

Mars Hill Podcasts
robbell.jpgI've known about Rob Bell and his Mars Hill Bible Church for a few years now, having come across his series of thought-provoking 10 minute NOOMA videos, and his recent book Velvet Elvis. Just a few weeks ago I came across a podcast for teaching at Mars Hill. I appreciate the context Rob provides, because he makes a concerted effort to try and understand and share the ancient Jewish context in which Jesus lived and in which the scriptures were written. I find his contextual perspective insightful and challenging to my walk with Jesus. I'm getting a deeper understanding of just how complex and rich Jesus and scriptures really are, compared to the one-dimensional way they're often portrayed.
12 Most Recent Weeks of Mars Hill Teaching
Mars Hill iTunes Podcast Subscription (opens iTunes)

I hope you enjoy one or all of these tasty podcast selections. If you have other good podcasts to share, drop a note in the comments — I'm always looking for good listening materials!

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