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New T-Shirts at

This weekend, Chris Messina Director of Experience and Open Source Ambassador at Flock left a comment on the weblog, suggesting I check out the T-Shirt service, so I did. Wow! I was impressed with the site and many options available, particularly 3 levels of shirt quality, multiple shirt colors and lower base prices than Cafe Press. Chris even has his own store for FactoryCity and Flock!

I spent a little time over the weekend creating 9 new T-Shirts in a new GoodStorm Rohdesign T-Shirt Store, which I'd like to share. While the site has some quirks, the flexibility, options and GoodStorm's commitment to decent shirt manufacture is very encouraging.

Old-School PDA T-Shirts
Of course, isync.jpgI've ported the More RAM Than Apollo Thirteen shirts to the new site, as well as a new version of the same Pilot 1000 graphic with the text "I Sync Therefore I Am" on the PDA screen. I've reduced the image of the PDA. I'm debating 2-sided shirts for these, with either a large PDA graphic for the back or some other text there. But for now I like the small graphic on the front.

Espresso Powered T-Shirts
For the coffee lovers, I've created 2 shirts with an updated "Espresso Powered" graphic, with deep, rich browns and warm caramel colors, in a 1940s style oval shape.espresso.jpg I had a blast creating this graphic, playing with colors, fonts and style, and am very pleased with how it's turned out. This graphic is available as a front-only graphic, or as a 2 sided shirt with a large graphic on the back.

Moleskine Sketch T-Shirts
The latest line to emerge on GoodStorm make use of several Moleskine Sketches I've done that have been featured here on the weblog. Each sketch has been wrapped in a Moleskine-inspired, rounded edge box with warm creme colored background (just like the sketchbook). I decided to create 5 T-Shirts featuring sketches, including Caribou Faces beerman.jpgand Hey Beer Man! in vertical formats, Madison Cafe, Bluegrass Band and Underworld / Brazilian Groove in horizontal formats.

Best of all, GoodStorm shirts actually cost less than those at Cafe Press. GoodStorm's shipping is limited to the US at the moment. Still, I think it's an excellent service. i invite you to stop by the new store and check out the designs — and let me know your thoughts.

NOTE: International readers interested in "I Sync Therefore I Am" shirts can check out a batch I've setup a Cafe Press (which does international shipping).

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