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The Palm Tipsheet Site Dies, Rises Again

Palm Tipsheet

Today, through an odd coincidence, I've discovered that the Palm Tipsheet website is dead. It's been completely replaced by a Microsoft advertisement for Smart Watch for MSN.

While I founded the Tipsheet in 1998 and wrote most of the issues myself, I did indeed sell the site in 2003. So, it's well within the buyer's rights to do what they wish with the site and domain name.

However, I do own all rights to all of the Palm Tipsheet documents I've created (40 issues, to be exact). Until now I was quite content to let the Palm Tipsheet website host past issues. As this is no longer the case, it's time to put all 40 of my back issues up on my own site, in HTML, Palm Doc, iSilo and Plucker formats. The new link for the archive is:

I believe my the Palm Tipsheet documents still have value, at least as historical pieces of information. The articles I and others wrote over the years, were almost always practical in nature — how to and why to articles, rather than dime-a-dozen reviews of products.

I'm not going to start the Tipsheet again, because that was a phase of my life that's over now. I enjoyed it while it lasted, and now I'm much more excited about blogging and other things I'm doing. However, I will continue to host the archives because I am still proud of my work.

Feel free to spread the news. I want to make sure that people who would like to access Tipsheet archives can have them. I may at some point, bundle all of the issues for easy download in a variety of formats. Not sure exactly how that will work yet though. If you have ideas, please let me know.

UPDATE 2004-09-22

It appears the Palm Tipsheet website has returned today. A commenter on this post noted the change, and that person also notes that Google's cache of the Palm Tipsheet site shows an MSN ad was there. Still, I'm going to leave the archives up on my site as a backup, just in case. :-)

Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for the note. I've now updated the post to reflect this.
September 22, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterMike Rohde
Dude, that sucks. I used to look forward to your monthly issues with great relish (and mustard...). Sad to see the new owner shirking his duties :(

September 22, 2004 | Unregistered Commentermacfixer

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