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The Joy of Magazines

There's something special about the arrival of my monthly Wired magazine that still beats any e-zine or website or weblog. A magazine tactile and local in a way an electronic thing cannot be. Even on my Tungsten E, an iSilo'ed version of a weblog is still digital bits, held virtually inside of an electronic thing.

That's not to say electronic or digitally delivered items are not wonderful, they indeed can be. I thoroughly enjoy many websites, ezines and weblogs for the ideas and writers who generate them. Still, they can never quite match the feeling of a fresh magazine arriving in the mailbox.

I bought my first Wired magazine at the grocery store, because it looked a bit funky and right up my alley as a designer interested in the tech culture. Shortly after my first newsstand copy, I became a subscriber. For nearly 8 years (I think that's right) I've enjoyed each issue of Wired, arriving the snail-mail way to my mailbox. I've even archived each issue for future reference.

Normally I'd hide myself away somewhere and scan the new issue, mentally marking articles I had to read, noting others that seemed interesting. Either at that moment or not long after, I would read the new arrival from cover to cover.

Funny thing is, I'm currently thinking of terminating my Wired magazine subscription. For me, it seems to have lost the original vision and feel it had just a few years ago. It could be changes in the magazine and its leadership, changes in our times or even changes in me.

Whatever the reason, I don't have the same level of interest in Wired as I once did. It feels like a shadow of its former self. I will still visit the website, read the news and interesting articles, but I no longer feel compelled to stay a subscriber.

I've already been considering other magazines, such as Communication Arts (a design magazine), as a replacement. I truly love the feeling of a new magazine in the mail — pulling off the wrapper and reading cover to cover. I want that feeling back.

Any other suggestions?

Reader Comments (2)

I dunno -- I like Wired's breadth of articles, as well as the in-depth, 'we know you're smart' attitude. If I want my technology watered down, there's always or AOL.

May 26, 2004 | Unregistered Commentermacfixer
I'm also Wired ex-reader. Somehow it is no more THAT inspiring.
May 26, 2004 | Unregistered Commenterlkluj

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