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Fashion Observations

On Thursday morning at the cafe, I spent time sketching, reading, writing and observing customers stopping for their morning cup-o-joe.

As I sat drinking my own coffee, I observed two gentlemen on the extreme opposite ends of the fashion spectrum — one straight out of GQ magazine and the other a candidate for What Not to Wear magazine, if such a magazine exists.

Mr. GQ
Here was a youngish guy, probably late 20s or early 30s. His hair had been carefully styled to appear as though it was a little greasy and pillow-matted. Sprouts of hair shot out from all directions, like lawn weeds. He wore Buddy Holly black-rimmed glasses, freshly pressed (or chemically saturated) wrinkle-free shirt, un-tucked from a pair of stylin' gray leisure slacks. Heavy, rubber-soled black oxfords completed Mr. GQ's look.

What I found amusing about this high-fashion look was the effort and energy spent on looking as though he'd rolled out of bed, and in his haste to get coffee and off to work, forgot to take a shower and tuck in his shirt tails. There was something about the idea of working hard to look messy that seemed very ironic.

Mr. Blue Shoes
Now, at the other end of of the fashion scale was Mr. Blue Shoes, an older gentleman with nicely combed and clean gray hair, an olive and white-striped, tucked-in polo shirt, light tan slacks, white socks and blue leatherette loafers! I couldn't quite work out the blue shoes. Maybe they're his favorite, most comfortable shoes, which he wears with everything (probably to the groans of his fashion conscious wife).

I respected Mr. Blue Shoes for at least dressing comfortably — without too much thought for fashion. Nothing he wore matched, for which the Fashion Police would have gladly ticketed him. At least he was at least true to himself and his favorite blue shoes. I could respect that, since I too have a pair of well-loved and beat up leather oxfords with gum-soled soles cracked to the point of separation.

Maybe I'm getting old and crusty. After all, isn't that what happens? Old men are the ones who chuckle at fashion that causes other, much hipper grown men to spend hours in front of mirrors to appear as though they've just rolled out of bed the third morning in a row? :-)

Have a great weekend!

Reader Comments (1)

You are way too young to be 'getting old' Mike!
May 24, 2004 | Unregistered Commenterlux

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