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Thoughts on Weblog Voices

The way people express themselves is quite interesting to me. I'm constantly amazed at how different people each have a creative voice which reaches right out of their work. Some voices are very clear, while others maybe have interference because they maybe are not yet aware of their voice. However, in nearly every case (except where someone is trying to copy another style) their voice is there.

I find it very intriguing that various writers can use the very same words and vocabulary but it's how a writer chooses to work with their words, in context to each other, that can set a mood or provide a vivid mental image. Put three writers, artists or photographers in an identical environment and each will offer a story, drawing or photos, each from a slightly different perspective, each with a unique voice.

I realize this is pretty obvious, but I still find this very fascinating. I feel this is why weblogs can be so interesting. Each weblog is more or less and extension of an individual or a group of people, putting their voices and thoughts out there for everyone to see.

I have several weblogs which I visit each day to see what's happening, whether it be with a specific area of interest or just the personal thoughts of a friend or even what's happening with an interesting writer I may not even know personally. I really enjoy the voice of each weblog: the way a topic is presented or a story is described or maybe an angle provided I hadn't considered.

The biggest limiting factor I see are the sheer number of weblogs available to read — it's already immense and growing daily. How do you deal with all of the weblogs out there? An RSS Aggregator/Reader to manage and organize blogs is a good start, and of course we each choose a weblog by the writer behind it, or the topic, or both.

Probably the common sense answer is to choose your weblogs wisely and stick with them. If you find a great weblog and your list is already very long, maybe consider replacing a much less-read blog with the new one, instead of adding to the list. I find that over time what may have interested me has lost some of its effect and I'll visit much less often.

Anyway, technicalities aside, what I do know is I enjoy weblogs even more than when I began reading them about 2-some years ago. There are several bloggers I've followed for a long time, because there is something about the writer behind it which draws me back regularly.

Sure, topics like Gadgets, Palm OS, Mac OS, etc. might have some drawing power — but the bottom line for me is always the humanness of the blog: the writer, their personality. and their voice. I really love that.

Reader Comments (3)

"Probably the common sense answer is to choose your weblogs wisely and stick with them. "

Darn, now I'm stuck here....Ever since I've found Mike's blog I've wisely stuck here...
April 6, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterBryan
Ditto :)
April 6, 2004 | Unregistered Commentermashby
Awww... shucks... thanks guys! ;-)
April 6, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterMike Rohde

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