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Friday Tidbits

Well, it's been a busy week and while quite a bit was accomplished here, I'm glad to be at the end of it. Well, a busy weekend is ahead, but that's another story.

Since I haven't a clue about a specific topic tonight, I thought it might be better to post various tidbits as I think of them. Hope this isn't too stream of consciousness...

PalmSource DevCon
I'm getting very excited about PalmSource DevCon coming next week. It'll be great to see old friends there and meet some new ones too. Traveling to other places is always enjoyable for me, so this is something I'm looking forward to.

I'll be trying out a few new things this trip, such as a battery operated Remmington shaver, my Tungsten E and a copy of Day Notez for taking notes and blogging/traveloging en route. I'll also be bringing my analog journals (diary, sketchbook and idea journal) to capture thoughts and ideas. I hope to scan and include sketches with my travelogue journals, right here on the weblog.

I sill haven't worked out how the travelogues and Mobile Whack Dispatches will look, but once I get into them I think they will become more defined. Probably the travelogue entries will provide much more extracurricular observations. Look for those posts to begin Monday night or maybe Tuesday morning, depending on how things go once I arrive.

The PDAs Zenith Reached?
My friend Andy and I had a short conversation Thursday that's made me think. I really want to devote an entire (separate) post to this, but essentially the idea was this:

What if the popularity of the PDA has hit its zenith? What if nearly everyone who might have wanted a PDA has now gotten one?

Could it be that there are just a small chunk of people in the world that would be willing to use any organizing tool, like a PDA or even a paper planner? Is there a large majority of people in the world who will never, ever use anything to get organized? Hmmm.

It seems pretty obvious now that compared to the mobile phone, the PDA is a niche item. I mean, the mobile phone has clear attractiveness and ease of use -- dial a number and talk. No organizing to worry about, unless you choose to. Yeah, a mobile phone could also do more stuff, but the basic functionality is communication (voice, then text, then images) which are immediately apparent to anyone.

A PDA, on the other hand, is much less obvious to use and takes somewhat of a learning curve to adapt to (Graffiti, UI, etc. depending on the user). In that context, it seems the PDA will never eclipse the mobile phone, but of course these are two very different devices. Smartphones are yet another thing, halfway between, which are maybe better than a straight PDA, but how much?

I don't know the answers and frankly, taking this line of thinking is kind of bumming me out. I love my regular ol' PDA and don't have much need for a mobile phone, but I also realize I am a pretty unusual user. Question is, how unusual am I?

I'm still working through this thought, and would love your input. I also plan to pose this question at the DevCon, to friends, developers and bigwigs at PalmSource to see what their thoughts are. More on their thoughts and mine in a dedicated future post.

Sharing My Sketchbook
I've begun sharing pages of my little Moleskine sketchbook. If I know someone is artistic, or is just willing to share a sketch, I've been offering them a page to play with. So far I have two pages filled by artist friends. In fact, just tonight, an art student friend put a sketch on a page, thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to sketch with a gel pen. It's wonderful to have a bit of a my friends' art in my little book. :-)

So, it's late and there is still a busy weekend ahead. By the way, I've greatly appreciated all of the emails from readers in the past week -- thanks to Arthur, Nicola, Tom, Kevin, Bryan, Zane and David particularly. You guys and gals have really made my week, and have encouraged me to keep on bloggin' with a passion! :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Reader Comments (1)

Nancie, please do steal the sketchbook sharing idea! :-)
February 7, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterMike Rohde

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