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I Miss My Old Clie

My Old ClieOdd post for today... it's late and I've not got much gumption left in me. However, I did have a clear thought to mention for today... I miss my old Clie N610.

I saw it on Sunday at church, being used by Sandy, the woman whom I sold it to. She loves my old Clie and uses it to manage her family's busy life. We were talking about some potential uses for it, backup and other things, when she pulled it out of her purse. I immediately noticed that smooth brown Vaja case it sits in and how much I liked it.

This week, I've been gathering up leftovers for out Clies that we still had in the basement. As I put each item in a designated area, I remembered using them. The Stowaway keyboard, the Brando metal case, sync cables and Memory stick cases.

I thought it was interesting that I would fondly recall these things. That's when I realized that I do really miss my old Clie.

It wasn't perfect... I'd hacked the fonts to look better, Graffiti was never that great and the screen was not even comparable to the gorgeous screen on my TE. It was even Windexed and repaired by my dear Palm Doctor, Dan Royea. But the Sony N series had such a nice hand-fitting shape, and the battery life was just amazing. It never seemed to wear out, no matter what I threw at it!

I do very much like my TE and if I had to choose between the Clie N610 and the TE would choose the TE again. But when you spend nearly 2 years working with a personal machine like a PDA, you grow attached to them.

And, because I'm practical, it's hard for me to keep old devices around here. I want them being used while they still have use in them. So, while I could have kept the old Clie for myself, I wanted it to keep living and fulfilling its purpose with another owner. Maybe that's odd.. oh well. :-)

Related to this, I was reading Julie Strietelmeier's review of the Toshiba e805 today and had two thoughts: One, what a huge, ugly piece of cutting edge hardware that thing is, and two: I wondered if Julie grows attached to her devices like I do. She seems to change them so often. Still, I suspect she would say she has her favorites too.

I don't know what this all means, but I thought it curious that I would have an attachment to an old, outdated machine, but I do. In fact, I do for many of my old devices, like my Powerbook Duo 230, my Pilot 1000 and other devices, if I think hard enough.

Maybe it's their personal nature, and our tendency to project personalities onto our tech stuff. Certainly some of my old machines were cranky and cantankerous while others just purred away and kept working.

Anyway, thats my stream of consciousness vent for the week. I'll work on being more topical tomorrow. ;-)

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