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Brando Workshop Tungsten E Gear Review

Every now and again, I get curious about new gear for my Tungsten E. I'm fortunate enough to know Brando over at Brando Workshop since my Palm Tipsheet days. Brando is always happy to send over review items to play with, so I requested three items for review: a Pivot Silicone Case, 3-in-1 Metal Stylus, and Brando Ultra-Clear Protector Plus.

Pivot Silicone Case

I tried the Pivot case first, as I'm always looking for alternate protection for my TE. The case slipped on reasonably well with only minor silicone stickage. The case fits quite well around my Tungsten E, and the holes match up where they ought to. It feels a little odd at first, pushing buttons through the silicone, but after a while I began to enjoy this tactile sensation.

The case seems to protect the TE well, except for the screen, and the ports at the bottom of the device (for sync). A lanyard eyelet has been molded into the case, should you want to carry your TE in that manner.

Overall I liked the idea of the case, but felt it failed in one critical area: screen protection. With a huge opening for screen access, and no way to attach even the stock screen flap, the screen is just too vulnerable. I encourage Pivot to look into a companion screen flap which attaches to the case — then I'd use this case more often.

In fact I'm considering some sort of hack to add a screen flap. If I come up with a decent solution, I'll be sure to post it here, along with photos.

InnoPocket 3-in-1 Metal Stylus

I really miss the Pilot pen-stylus I used with my Sony Clié, so I was excited to try this stylus with my Tungsten E. The stylus (and the pen) work well, just as long as they aren't inserted into the stylus silo.

Why? Well, the pen tip is at the top end of the stylus, opposite the orange teflon stylus tip. It's covered by a black plastic cap, which slides on over the pen tip. Unfortunately, the cap also slides off the pen tip when trying to pull the stylus out of the silo!

The end result is a stylus-free plastic pen cap in your fingertips, because the rest of the stylus is now stuck in the silo. It took several whacks to dislodge the cap-less stylus. Verdict: it's a wonderful stylus, just as long as you never actually insert it into the stylus silo. :-)

Brando Ultra-Clear Protector Plus

My last Brando item was the ultra clear screen protector, which I really love. Once adhered to the screen, it becomes invisible. It really is that clear. Even better, I haven't detected any reduction in screen response.

Now, it's very important to follow the instructions on the package. It took me a while to adhere the protector, because of debris on my screen. I advise cleaning the entire screen with scotch tape, to pick up any stray dust and debris following the lint-free cloth step. Do this even if you think the screen is clean. Trust me on this one.

Of the three products, I still use the screen protector every day and love it. I occasionally use the silicone case and keep the pen-stylus at my desk for a last-ditch emergency backup stylus.

By the way, If you're considering buying something from Brando Workshop for Christmas, they're currently offering free shipping until December 20th, 2004.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Reader Comments (1)

Thanks for the tip on using Scotch tape to make sure the screen is clean, Mike. I've never heard of that before.
December 15, 2004 | Unregistered CommenterNeal

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