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Thursday Tidbits

There are times when I want to write, but no major topic seems to bubble forth. Those are tidbit days. In no particular order, here are the latest tidbits...

A Clean Bill
Visited the doctor yesterday and received a clean bill of health. I'd been waiting for this visit for a few weeks, because of my weight loss now that we are on the South Beach diet. I was genuinely curious to see how my doctor would react. He was pleased, listening to my explanation of getting interested and trying the South Beach diet.

Boy, it's a wonderful feeling to hear the doctor say "great job!" His reaction surprised me, as I'd suspected he'd be pleased, but not this pleased. But hey, I'm not complaining. I still have a blood test Friday, which should verify if my cholesterol levels are down.

We now have decided on a name for our new kitty — Jasmine. It took a while to settle on something Gail and I both liked. Oreo and Checkers were cute, but we both felt a girl's name suited her better. Jasmine has been settling right in, and becoming warmer each day. We can even pick her up and hold her now, and she loves being brushed. She's still very gentle with Nathan, even after his constant chasing. ;-)

There have been some good developments on the podcasting front this past week. I've created three private podcasts for friends of mine, using the iSight camera as a microphone through a freeware app called Audio In. Audio In generates an AIFF file (uncompressed audio), which is then converted to MP3 format in iTunes.

These podcasts have been great fun, bringing back memories of mix tapes I loved to create in the 80s and 90s. One podcast was created as a reply to an email, another as an audio update sent to friends in the UK, and the latest included Gail, Nathan and myself, sharing some thoughts about eateries, with Michael Ashby (who may be visiting with his wife and mom on Saturday).

I can truly see some benefit in doing private, dedicated podcasts. There's no real schedule to meet, and they can be as short or as long as needed. In all cases, the recipients commented on how nice it was to hear my/our voices in this way. Private podcasts also avoid bandwidth over-usage that many podcasters are seeing lately.

As long as it's fun, my friends enjoy the results and it's easy, I'll keep doing it.

Tungsten E
I've been pleased with the combination of my 256MB SD card and Tungsten E, directly related to hearing other podcasts and music. It's great to carry a selection of favorite tunes and podcasts, particularly for listening on the road.

When my brother Steve was here last weekend, we tested out his Griffin FM transmitter and I was hooked! I've been using a cassette adapter for years, which works, but wireless FM is much more convenient. Have to keep a sharp eye open for deals on these now.

So, that's the tidbit update for Thursday. I have a few fuzzy ideas for dedicated posts, which might appear early next week. Until then, have a great weekend everyone!

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