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The DevCon Approacheth

PalmSourcePalmSource DevCon is just 11 days away, which seems like a short and long time all at once. I'm pleased that several weblog readers have contacted me about meeting over coffee at the DevCon. Now I'll have to work out time to meet each person, but I'm sure we'll work that out. One advantage I have as a Central Standard Time-zone (CST) person are early mornings... so maybe fellow CSTers will be up for early meetings at 7am (which is like 9am here).

Oh, if you're looking for less-expensive DevCon tickets, there are a bunch more that have been posted up on eBay until January 31st.

After the streak of really frigid below zero (F) temps and weekly snows here in Milwaukee, it'll be very nice to walk around in a spring jacket and regular shoes and socks for a few days. Of course, the Californians will probably think I'm a freak for dressing too lightly for their brutal winter conditions of 60+ degree (F), sunny days. :-)

I've also had a nice chat with Rael Dornfest of Mobile Whack last week and in that discussion agreed to become an ad-hoc Mobile Whack correspondent at the DevCon. This will be a great assignment, though as a mobile "enthusiast" and not a developer, I feel a little unqualified to comment, in some ways. Still, maybe I can provide an interesting and unique perspective of a developer conference from a non-developer's point of view.

These DevCon Dispatches (as I think I'll call them) will be written in addition to my own DevCon Travelogues here at the weblog. I suspect some details will be similar between the two, though the Mobile Whack Dispatches will be much more Palm OS news oriented, with commentary and observations on the DevCon environment and attendees. My DevCon Travelogue entries will deal much more with travel experiences and observations (and sketches) of the overall trip.

Not exactly sure yet how this will work out, but I'm confident that the Dispatches will be unique. Should be an interesting experiment at the very least. I must send many thanks to to Rael for this wonderful opportunity!

As to the travel itself, I've already started prepping for the trip in a small ways. I bought a small, battery operated Remmington travel shaver the other night, I now have all my journals in place, and have even lined up a scanner with a fellow Palm OS User Council member in California, so I can scan sketches. I've debated taking a camera, but I think by not taking one, I'll be encouraged to sketch. So, things are starting to line up nicely.

By the way, if you happen to have any questions you'd like asked of PalmSource or their licensees, please drop me a line or leave a comment. I'd like to get a list of questions ready myself and I'd love to bring some from the Palm community, if possible.

11 Days and counting....

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