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Tipsheet vs. Weblogs & Cheap e-books

Palm TipsheetAs some of you may know, several months ago I decided to step down as the founder of the Palm Tipsheet e-zine and sell it to Brian Beeler at Well, this month has been a sort of homecoming for me, as I had a chance to write the feature article called More Power to the E-Book with Palm Reader Pro for the latest issue.

I was pleased to write about Palm Reader Pro, since I really like the app and always wonder if e-book fans know much about it, since Palm Digital Media doesn't offer a demo version. I thought this would be one way to reveal more detail about the Pro version. Palm Digital Media, if you're reading this, offer a 30 day free trial of Palm Reader Pro!

It was great fun to write for the Tipsheet again, though I was quickly reminded just how much work writing technical articles really is. In fact, it clarified the reasons why I love writing a weblog these days.

Some friends of mine have actually teased me a bit about the increase in the quantity of my writing after switching to a weblog -- especially since I had cited lack of time and energy as reasons for stepping down from the Tipsheet. I responded by mentioning the differences between writing a technical e-zine and a weblog. An e-zine like the Palm Tipsheet is laser-focused on a single topic and requires alot of effort, energy and time to get the formatting, fact-checking and research right, while a weblog is more of a free-form, stream of consciousness medium.

With a weblog I can write on whatever topic interests me at the moment, or I can add a travel journal entry if I'm on the road. If I happen to have various unrelated tidbits I've collected, I can post those too. With a weblog there's usually not that much research required (not nearly as much as for a single Tipsheet issue)... I just share my thoughts, opinions, everyday experiences or refer to interesting web articles I'm reading anyway.

So, while my writing quantity on the weblog is larger, I'm enjoying my writing much more these days, and it takes less energy to produce. But it is nice to do a technical article now and then. :-)

Oh, before I go, thought I'd mention that Palm Digital Media is currently selling a 4 book bundle for just a $1, including Inside the Tornado, Angels Flight, Star Trek: New Frontier: Books 1-4 and ChronoSpace. I know ChronoSpace is a good read (I'm a sucker for a good time travel book) but don't know much about the others. Still that's a great deal for 4 books! Check it out now though, because the offer expires on August 21st.

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