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Palm Blogging Update

Well, had a few days to think over my ideas and chat with a few folks regarding the Palm-based blogging tool concept I posted last week. Here are some updates:

1. A developer friend suggested that it might be more practical to develop a powerful web interface that can be accessed by today's powerful Palm browsing tools than a Palm app. Using a Palm browser with JavaScript support, I could access browser-based tools like Blogger and Blogger Pro for posting and editing past posts.

2. I learned that Blogger Pro ($35 yr. subscription) has an email posting feature that would work with SnapperMail or another web-capable Palm email tool (assuming you have net access with your Palm).

3. I've now setup an RTF file on my Mac to sync with WordSmith. This way I can write posts away from the Mac, HotSync my Clie then copy and paste any new posts from the RTF file. I'm also testing this setup with Quickword on reccomendation of John over at MyPalmLife as Quickword has HTML tools built in.

4. For budget-conscious bloggers, the trusty Memo Pad will work well for getting text from a Palm to a blogging tool, as long as your posts are 4k or less.

5. Palm-blogger PalmDoc mentioned an AvantGo posting tool called PocketJ for offline posts, though it's incompatible with Blogger. Still, this idea has inspired me to experiment with iSilo and AvantGo to try and access Blogger. I'll keep you posted on that.

6. There is a stand-alone Palm blogging app called handX Weblog that works with an weblog app you load on your own server. However handX is a proprietary system and will not (as of yet) support Blogger or Blogger Pro.

7. Another stand-alone Palm app is Kablog, though it relies on Java and a direct net connection to work. I'm not fond of Java apps running on top of the Palm OS, though I suppose this package could work well.

So, it appears there are several ways to post via Palm... I hope even more solutions will appear as blogging continues to grow in popularity. As I learn more I'll post new solutions here.

Reader Comments (2)

Any idea about blogging to a Movable Type Blog from a Palm device ?

November 14, 2003 | Unregistered CommenterHarsh
March 9, 2004 | Unregistered Commenterjohan

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