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Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Week!

Hey, this is a great week if you're a Lord of the Rings fan -- the final installment in the Lord of the Rings stories/movie trilogy, Return of the King (ROTK), will be released on Wednesday! I'm looking forward to this third film in the series and unlike the Matrix final episode, I'm very certain I won't be disappointed. Here's the trailer.

In case you wonder what the deal is about The Lord of the Rings, here's a brief overview:

Lord of the Rings is a story by J.R.R. Tolkein that takes place in the world he created, called Middle Earth, which existed before our time. The "Lord of the Rings" is actually Sauron, who created an evil ring which he forged and then lost during a battle thousands of years before the story takes place. The ring is wholly evil and though some think it can be used to destroy Sauron, in reality it would only setup a new evil master. Sauron is now rising again and seeks his ring of power in order to take control of Middle-Earth.

So, the ring must be destroyed rather than used before it corrupts someone powerful or falls into the hands of Sauron himself. For several reasons, Frodo, a Hobbit (a race of small people from a quiet backwater in Middle-Earth) has been charged with carrying the ring to Sauron's kingdom to toss the ring into the fires of Mount Doom, where it was originally forged.

It's an amazing book to read, with quite a bit of interesting character development. Its one of those books which suck you in and make you feel as if you were along for the journey (my favorite aspect of good writing). Peter Jackson's movie renditions do the story justice, though as a longtime LOTR fan with multiple reads under my belt, a few of Peter Jackson's film modifications to the story were a little disappointing, but they were fortunately mostly minor. I am by no means an LOTR purist, so overall I feel that the films have done a great job of capturing the story and presenting them in 3-3.5 hour sections.

As I've said to friends -- a film cannot completely capture a book because the detail just isn't there (unless you want a 30 hour movie). That's why there's a book! :-)

I am excited, but I may wait until the weekend to see this last film in the series. I'm doing this because our youth group going to be doing something special on Friday evening and Saturday. As a group we'll be watching the extended DVD versions of Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers via projector in our Church's office garage on Friday. On Saturday we'll all have brunch, then head to the local theatre to see Return of the King. Should be a great way to see the entire story connect together.

Now I just have to finish reading ROTK... I'm nearly there now, but I must complete the story before this weekend. If you've not yet read Lord of the Rings, I highly recommend it. The book is available all over and is of course free to check out of the library.

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