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I Love BackupMan

BackupManOne of the things I most enjoy are simple things that do exactly what they say they will do. BackupMan is exactly this kind of thing, and I love it.

BackupMan ($10) is simple and elegant, yet it has all the features I really want in a backup application for my Palm. I can perform manual backups (and they are fast) or I can setup automated backups to run at say 2am and then just fuggettaboutit. Or it can backup after every HotSync... or even hourly if I'm a backup freakazoid (I'm not). If I have limited space on my SD card, I can even limit the number of nightly backups that get stored on it.

I really love this 'set-it-and-forget-it' approach, because I used to go too long without a backup and then when disaster struck, found my latest archive was 3 months old. With BackupMan and nightly backups, I might at most lose 24 hours of data, which I can live with, since I also HotSync daily.

Another nice feature: BackupMan creates nice single archive files, yet lets you restore an entire set up backed up items, single items or multiple selections of items. This is great, because space is preserved on the card, yet I have full control over what is restored. Even better, I always have a backup on hand, since they reside on the SD card.

BackupMan really came in handy the other day, when I detected a problem with soft resets resetting the date of my Tungsten E. I simply did a full backup to the SD card, performed a hard reset and selectively restored files that wouldn't conflict with the device. Sure enough, my soft reset time problem vanished.

If you're looking for a little peace of mind, I can highly recommend BackupMan as a must-have Palm OS tool. Like the old adage goes:

"There are two kinds people in the world -- those who have lost data and those who will."

Reader Comments (2)

Scott, Excellent comment! I have not heard of Right Back Up before -- good to know that this is out there. And I agree, StandAlone do make great software -- my wife is big SuperNames fan and I really like their Hand/RSS reader, among their many other titles.

Now, I should start lobbying StanAlone to develop a weblog posting tool for the Palm that would let me write posts on my TE and sync them to my Moveable Type weblog... :-)
November 7, 2003 | Unregistered CommenterMike Rohde
Tom, this is certainly a valid reason for sticking with BackupBuddy VFS. I can do a similar thing via BackupMan (not directly from the card though) and that's good enough for my needs.

However, since I can also store mutiple backups, I can choose from an older day's archive should the latest one also be currupted, which is something which cannot be done using BackupBuddy VFS, because it uses individual files.

To each their own I say. I'm just glad to hear you have a working backup solution. :-)
November 11, 2003 | Unregistered CommenterMike Rohde

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