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My Funky House Paint Idea

A few weeks back, my dad was over at the house, playing around with a house painting program on our old Windows box. Dad was busy converting a photo of our house to wild colors and we were talking, when I came up with a funky idea for house painting.

Here it is: What if you could develop a house paint with color pigmentation that could be shifted simply by pressing a button on an electronic device? The idea being that your house paint would be a clear coat with tiny electronicly-changeable pigments floating around in the paint. Probably the closest current paint to this would be pearl paint, which changes color depending on your viewing angle and the light.

But this idea would be a step further: rather than set pigment colors, why not pigments which are changed to a new color by showering them with an electronic signal from a small device? I suppose this could even be a Mac or PC application which lets you view colors on your screen and then hit the 'Change' button to switch to those colors instantly via a local electronic transmitter.

I envision that you'd just need to paint the trim of a house with one of these electro-paints on frequency 1, and the rest of the house with electro-paint on frequency 2. Then, with a handheld device, you could select a preset color combination, or create your own, and press the button. Viola, your house would then change colors!

This would be great for many reasons. Rather than needing to re-paint your house once you get tired of your house colors, you'd just need to select a new palette and click the button on your desktop or handheld pigment-changer. Or, in the summer you could choose light or even reflective colors to keep your home cool and in winter, switch to colors that would keep your house warmer.

On the fun side of things, if you threw a party, your house could be switched to a couple of wild colors, so it would be easier for guests to locate. You could even color your house to match the seasons or holidays -- orange and black on Halloween, green and red for Christmas. You get the idea.

I suppose this idea could also be applied to other things like cars. Have a boring gray car? Repaint it with electro-paint and you can have a different color car every day of the week if you so choose, at the press of a button! :-)

So, is this a nutty idea? I suppose there would be technical hurdles involved, but it seems like it could be one way to have a little more fun with your house, car or whatever, and save the hassles of repainting to get those things looking different.

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